Industry-leading contact center business intelligence solution

Focuses on call center business indicators. Self-service data analysis platform for contact center, get the analysis results with simple operations, reducing the time required for your business decisions.

Multi-source data

Connected with voice recording, screen recording, scheduling, and multiple data sources of call center business systems. Supports multi-source, multi-type data association analysis. The more transparent the information, the more intelligent the decision.

Smart association

Focused on call center business indicators and intelligently define field associations between tables.


Data visualization is not just about turning numbers into cool charts. Its key purpose is to quickly find problems, identify problems, and analyze reasons.


By simply dragging and dropping, you can easily create a variety of useful reports to quickly respond to business needs.


Users can only access reports within the scope of their authority. Even in the same report,  users can only access data which they have the right to view.

Subscription Distribution

Automatically sends subscription reports based on user role assignments and provides alert notifications.

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