New Generation Call Center Intelligent Quality Inspection Scheme

Real-time or offline conversion of massive unstructured recording data into structured text data, which can cover all voice files for automatic quality inspection, greatly reducing the cost of manual quality inspection; from text analysis and data mining, inspection of compliance, risk warnings, trend analysis, and business opportunities can be realized.

Speech Recognition

Speech recognition technology is used to analyze and process speech files, seperate speakers, detect silence, detect speech rate, detect emotion, and extract keywords , to generate text analysis results.

Automatic Quality Inspection

Perform full-quantity pre-checks on the mass recording files generated by the call center, comprehensively monitor the speed, tone, normative terms, and use of banned words in the service process of the agents, and lock in high-risk conversations in a timely manner, and conduct risk assessments on them before submitting quality inspectors for manual review.

Review Check

In addition to the automatic quality inspection mode, it’s also supported to review the analysis results with the method of man-machine cooperation, and secondarily improve the accuracy of the results.

Data Mining

Based on the effective recognition of a large number of call contents, the integrated structure data and text data mining technology can be used to understand the actual structure of seat traffic in the shortest time.

Trend Warning

Targets the root causes of abnormal traffic such as abnormal traffic and customer lost, helps discover business hot spots and their changing trends, and looks for business improvement and marketing activities.

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