VoiceCyber has a wide range of ​ recording products to meet the network deployment of different application scenarios and to provide users with perfect recording solutions. VoiceCyber’s recording system uses a mirroring application for recording, and can support 1000 concurrent recordings with a single recording server. It is mainly used in large and medium-sized call centers.

VoiceCyber’s ​recording system has the advantages of high integration, easy installation, low power consumption and easy maintenance. At the same time, based on the “soft-only” approach, when the system is expanded, it is only needed to increase the recording server and recording licenses, allowing smooth expansion and upgrade of the system, and minimizing the investment.


Product Advantages

  • High density, high reliability, distributed deployment, centralized management

For large-scale, high-load contact centers, a variety of data distribution and filtering solutions are available to ensure the stability of the recording server.

  • Flexible modular design

Modular design, including unified management module, deletion and deletion module, backup module, alarm module, etc., users can choose according to their own business needs, with a high degree of flexibility.

  • Authority management, multi-level control

Multi-level privilege control is adopted to support the establishment of multiple roles. Different roles are assigned different rights. Each user can simultaneously belong to multiple roles to achieve the purpose of separating management rights and business rights.

  • System expansion and value-added functions

Supports expandable functions such as screen recording, quality inspection, video recording, scheduling, mobile recording, live sound collection, etc., and supports expansion applications based on speech recognition and voiceprint recognition, providing new intelligent quality inspection based on various artificial intelligence technologies.

  • File backup, multi-level storage

Multi-level storage strategy: When the recording file is saved on the local disk, it can be backed up to other locations on the network to achieve the purpose of multi-level storage and ensure the security of recording files.

  • File download, transmission encryption

Download and play recording files  through the SFTP secure file transfer protocol and HTTPS secure hypertext transfer protocol to establish an information security channel, in order to ensure the security of data transmission of recording files.


Interface Display




Product Features

Compatible Compatible with a range of PBX types supporting analog, digital and IP recording. The unified interface supports single and hybrid environments.  Expandable The system can be optimized and redeveloped according to the needs of your organization, and can support small and medium-sized enterprises and global companies.
Robust VoiceCyber ​’s Recording System has been proven to provide a safe and reliable solution to ensure a stable system. The system is equipped with AES 256-bit encryption to ensure that no unauthorized access occurs.  Standard VoiceCyber ‘s Recording System is built on Windows and Linux platforms and supports mainstream databases. VoiceCyber uses open standards and non-proprietary hardware to ensure a lower total cost of ownership.
Flexible Can be integrated into most third-party platforms such as CRM, CTI, IVR, etc.; thus providing users with advanced data tags and seamless connectivity.


Product Key Features

The well-designed VoiceCyber’s recording system can meet the needs of both traditional users and new users, and provides a hybrid solution that allows users to simultaneously support traditional recording and IP-based recording in the same system to ensure investment protection.

  • Data Deletion

The VoiceCyber ​​Recycle feature helps users automatically manage storage resources on a regular basis. You can choose to periodically clear the data on the storage media and database to ensure that your archive system is in good condition. This will definitely free you from managing the hard disk space.

  • Data Archiving

VoiceCyber ​​Data Archiving provides flexible storage capabilities for external media such as DVD-RAM, removable hard drives, USB drives or repair media such as NAS and SAN. We provide single or group device management policies and detailed backup policy configurations to make your archive management more efficient and flexible.

  • Data Security

VoiceCyber ​​Encryption provides an extra level of security to ensure that even if a security breach occurs to the server, the resulting file will have another level of encryption. VoiceCyber ​​uses 256-bit AES to encrypt each recording file. Therefore, even if the secret recording file has been stolen, the file will still be protected by a certain level of encryption.

  • Alarm and Monitoring

VoiceCyber ​​Diagnostic provides a comprehensive alarm monitoring system that allows your IT department to detect and manage any anomalies that may occur in the recording system. VCLog Diagnostic supports three notification modes that are integrated via email, client notification, or through SNMP to the NMS.


VoiceCyber ​​PCI-DSS will provide your organization with tools to ensure that recordings comply with PCI-DSS regulations and will not capture any confidential information in voice files such as account numbers, credit card information and other information.

  • Behavior Log Tracking

The VoiceCyber ​​Operation will fully track all activities in the system, from the changes that have occurred in the system to even calls. We will track the IP address, host name, username, etc. for full log tracking. Log reports can be exported to Excel for viewing.


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