With the communication methods became increasingly diversified, the way contact center agents communicate with customers is no longer limited to telephone communication. The modern contact centers rely on various means of communication such as video, web, email, and IM to provide timely and responsive service to customers. As a result, the contact center has changed from a simple customer service center to a value center and profit center that can provide value-added services as well as precise marketing.

The greatest challenges are the large number of systems and lacking of information sharing, which forms information island. The VCLog Intelligent contact center central management platform was developed to integrate and manage all the operations and data, achieving unified data management and data exchange.


Project Overview

The VCLog intelligent contact center unified management platform is a unified management software  released by VoiceCyber Co., Ltd. for voice,  video, and screen recording, and quality inspection. The system can effectively record and intelligently manage multi-channel data of modern call centers, and can support the data management of third-party multimedia applications to achieve unified management.


VCLog Unified Management Platform


VCLog Data Integration


VCLog Data Security



Program Coverage

  • Station-side voice and video recording and monitoring
    • Face-to-face video during business operations
    • Face-to-face sound during business operations (can be used independently)
Face-to-face audio/video recording
Quality inspection and data mining, excavating recorded data, monitoring service quality, optimizing product design
  • Computer Operation Monitoring
    • Business computer screen during operation
PC screen record
Artificial intelligence, using artificial intelligence technology to identify voices and faces, and intelligently excavate recorded data
  • Telephone call monitoring
    • Phone call during business operation
Phone recording


Central Management


Program Features

  • Adhering to the principles of openness and compatibility

  • Voice, video, and screen playback, synchronized quality inspection

• Voice recording

• Video recording

• Screen recording

• Speech to text

  • Smart screen behavior management


Scheme Advantages

  • Integrate call center operations data and manage them in a unified manner.
  • Independent network deployment, separated from existing business networks.
  • The RESTful API makes customization and secondary development more convenient.
  • Distributed deployment, centralized deployment, hybrid deployment, cloud deployment, and flexible solutions.
  • Docking artificial intelligence engine, flexible and artificial intelligence big data intercommunication, interface application demonstration.
  • Achieving unified management of voice, video, video, quality inspection in one system.
  • Effectively records and intelligently manage the multi-channel data of modern call centers, and supports the interoperability of other third-party multimedia applications for unified management.