System Architecture

A thorough, responsive, and smart call center big data analytics BI platform

VCLog BI is not merely responsive and self-serving; intelligent analysis is the future of data mining.

VCLog BI is more than just data visualization but a multidimensional intelligent analysis tool. It includes features such as data transformation management, OLAP database design, metadata management, WEB multidimensional report design, intelligent data mining, intelligent reporting, form filling, mobile application, Wechat application, single sign-on, and so on. It has been developed to be in line with Chinese call centers’ extensive media and big data integration.


Product Features

A visual application for any screen size

  • Customize the VCLog BI display interface to suit any screen size


  • Responsive multidimensional dynamic analysis

Aowei Power-BI multidimensional analysis: not just multidimensional display and screening, but self-service analysis.

Reports are usually fixed in format.

VCLog BI’s powerful multidimensional dynamic analysis allows users to customize report dimensions and fields. Settings can further be saved and shared with colleagues.


  • Intelligent data mining, unlimited reports

Report is fixed but analysis is flexible. When analyzing data, we will encounter scenarios where we need further related information: maybe it is purchase dates when analyzing storehouse content, or reimbursement certificate when analyzing checks and balances.

VCLog BI’s unique data mining features allow you to analyze any report with just a double click of the mouse, regardless of whether the reports come from the same model. It does not require presets and the system intelligently matches reports to parameters.

  • The whole BI package and not just front-end reports

VCLog BI includes ETL, DW, OLAP, DM, Dashboard, Query, Report, and other BI tools.

Data sourcing is an important prerequisite when it comes to data analysis. With so many data sources such as ERP, CRM, Excel, and handwritten forms, it becomes all the more important to unify data statistics with data center via ETL.

VCLog BI only needs basic SQL operation to complete ETL development. Preset ETL plans for mainstream ERP help achieve zero development.

In addition to multidimensional analysis model design (OLAP), data mining, dashboard, query, report, and so on, VCLog BI also has data reporting and on-click graphics generation.


  • Access from any device, mobile BI solution

VCLog BI developed with H5 and adapts with devices to deliver the optimal mobile experience

VCLog BI is developed with HTML5 VCLog BI; browser-compatible and no client needed.

The report is developed once and adapts to any device (PC/tablet/phone).

Early warning/timed pushing: information in the palm of your hand whenever and wherever you want.


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