System Module


System Architecture (Client-Server Mode)

Each desktop client needs to install the video recording client (thin clients need to be configured in local storage). The recording server supports cluster mode deployment, and the client-server connection supports active and standby redundancy. The Web management terminal can perform system parameter and file management and supports simultaneous screen playback and quality inspection of recordings, screens, and video files.


Product Advantages

  • Supports IM recording
  • Supports multi-screen recording
  • Supports log search
  • Supports fast forward, reverse, and screenshot
  • Supports multiple screen resolutions
  • Provides file export tools
  • Synchronize recording, video, and recorded files playback
  • Add bookmark annotations when playing a recorded file
  • Supports Windows thin terminal recording (local configuration storage required)
  • Provides rich third-party API interface and supports third-party control and file call


Technical Parameters

  • Hourly screen recording file storage per terminal as low as 30M
  • Single screen recording server supports 500 targets
  • Screen recording client running memory <100M, CPU usage <10%


Safety and Reliability

  • Long screen record alarm
  • Real-time black screen fault alarm
  • Real-time not-recording fault alarm
  • Complies with third-party payment card industry data security standards (PCI DSS): storage security, secure transmission, and sensitive information avoidance


Product Features

Screen recording

Support multi-screen recording: dual screen, three screen

Supports multiple screen resolutions:

        Normal 4:3     (XGA): 1024×768

        Wide: 16:9      (720P 1080P): 1280×720, 1920×1080

        5:4                   (SXGA): 1280×1024

Screen monitor

Specified work number, extension number list

Streaming data processing, clear and uncluttered

IM conversation recording

Chat tools

Chat time, chat content

Including receiver / sender information

RDP session recording (non-client deployment mode)

RDP protocol

Windows thin terminal

Log search

Window title

Text content

Remarks information

Bookmark information

Document management

Accurate positioning

Supports screen capture and adding recording labels during playback

Supports voice, video and screen recording synchronized playback

Supports scoring, notes, bookmarks, locks, etc.

Search by work number, extension number, call direction, main / called number, start time range, serial number, custom fields, window titles, text content, remarks, bookmark information and other conditions


System Architecture (Non-client Deployment)

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a multi-channel protocol that allows users (clients or “local computers”) to connect to a computer that provides Microsoft terminal services (server-side or “remote” computer”). Most Windows come equipped with software required by the client. Other operating systems such as Linux, FreeBSD, and Mac OS X do too.  VC Log Recorder supports concurrent recording of remote server-side sessions with RDP mode (maximum concurrent 30 channels). Image data is dynamically compressed using DupliCALL’s self-developed compression algorithms and archived to network storage devices in accordance with corresponding policies.


Architectural Advantages

  • Does not occupy agent’s network bandwidth resources
  • Supports mainstream Windows thin clients
  • Client does not require any plug-ins and services. The entire screen recording process is completed on the remote server, providing additional security and confidentialty. It can meet regulatory requirements of third-party software deployment for seat clients in the financial industry.


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