Excellent quality brings a whole new sensory experience

Make images clear and visible. The application of video agents in modern contact centres is becoming increasingly popular. Besides that, the requirements of image quality in video and screen recording files are also getting higher. VoiceCyber’s video optimization system VideoOPTI able to greatly optimize the image definition, as well as eliminating the influence of green screen and black screen.

Minimize the storage space. Video and screen recording files are generally large in file size, and these vast amount of recording files required to be stored for a long time. Hence, the storage requirements have become higher than ever. VideoOPTI provide flexible video compression solutions to help relieve the pressure of storage space.

Enrich the management tools. With the professional hardware device DC-NGPU, the GPU’s high parallel processing capability is used to perform image quality optimization and video compression on video and screen recording files. This ultimately fulfils various data file management requirements and enriches management tools for business organizations.




VCLog voice and video recording server captures and records the received network video communication data and forward it to the DC-NGPU Server (video optimization server) in real-time or offline mode. Then, VideoOPTI server optimizes and transcodes the video files according to customer requirements. Optimized video files able to be directly sent to the storage server for centralized storage.










Video image information extraction   Video image quality optimization   Video coding conversion and compression   GPU hardware with powerful parallel processing

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