Video applications are becoming more and more widespread in the communications industry. The demand for video quality and storage has become higher than ever. The VideoOPTI system provides a solution for image optimization and video compression problems.



  • Video information extraction
  • Video quality optimization
  • GPU-based high parallel processing
  • Video encoding conversion, compression, support for 264, H.265, etc.


Optimization process

VCLog voice and video recording server receives and captures network video communication data and forwards it to the DC-NGPUServer video optimization server (real-time or offline). DC-NGPUServer optimizes and transcodes the video file according to customer needs.

Optimized video files can be sent directly to the storage server.

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850-2801-001, VideoOPTI video optimization software

952-1001-001, DC-NGPUServer video optimization server, including DC-NGPU-1 or DC-NGPU-2 video optimization processing hardware

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