With the rapid growth of corporate business volume, the occurrence of business disputes and misleading sales increase from time to time. Some corporations gradually realize the importance of recording the interaction process from the physical store counter service and between field personnel with the clients. By this way, the important information of service behaviour can be reviewed, problems can be probed, responsibilities can be investigated, business operation risk can be mitigated, and the passive situation in dealing with complaints can be greatly reduced. Hence, there is a surge requirement on the centralized management on the service quality of their physical stores, field personnel and contact centers.
VoiceCyber has released an intelligent centralized management solution for physical stores and contact centers. This solution combined with AI engines to establish data interface module through reliable data interaction method. It integrates with various data from physical stores, field personnel and contact centers to achieve centralized management of voice recording, video recording, screen recording, quality inspection under one system. Multi-dimensional monitoring on physical stores, field personnel and contact centers can be carried out to regulate and standardize the service quality of employees, which effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of corporations and customers. Corporate managers can also use reference cases to train and standardize the speech skill and service process of service personnel. This eventually leads to customer satisfactory, better customer experience and result achievement with minimal efforts.

Physical Store

Voice recording and video recording of each insurance branch enables the interaction process between employees and clients to be monitored, which effectively improve the service quality of employees. Moreover, keeping records of customer service process can provide reliable factual basis for possible business disputes in the future. At the same time, corporations able to prevent unnecessary legal disputes which will affect their reputation.
Product Features

Support configuration management of counter information and counter noise-cancelling MIC.
Support multiple recording file encryptions and recording formats, such as GSM, PCM, WAV, etc.
Support configurable recording file deletion period in the storage configuration.
Support sound energy trigger and button trigger recording.
Recordings are automatically uploaded to center or cloud while local recording are kept for three days and above.
Support MIC channel alarm, network connection alarm and abnormal recording alarm.

Contact Center

VCLog v10 is a newly released contact center voice, video and screen recording system. It can centralize record and intelligent manage multiple channel data of contact center, while integrating with third-party multimedia data in order to achieve centralized management. VCLog v10 provides data for subsequent voice data and screen data mining analysis through the implementation of voice recording and video recording system.
Product Advantages

Stand-alone network deployment, separated from existing service network
RESTful API enables convenience on customization and integrate with 3rd party
Integrate with AI engine; flexible communication with big data; real-time display of UI applications
Distributed deployment, centralized deployment, hybrid deployment, cloud deployment, flexible solution
Fusion playback and centralized management of voice, video and screen recording without switching system

Centralized Management of Physical Stores and Contact Centers

Centralized Management and Storage

Support operation log
Support real-time forwarding of voice data; integration with AI
Support business hall + search recording according to counter and time
Browser/ Server architecture; log in using any external browser
Support user management and recording management by assigning permission according to hierarchy
Storage of recordings for more than two years; configurable deletion period
Support various operations on voice, video and screen recording files such as search, playback, download and delete
Cloud deployment which supporting cloud alarm; display of MIC channel alarm, network connection alarm in the cloud platform; optional to pushed to external client
Provide SDK; provide open API through management platform; support file query, playback and download; support distributed deployment and centralized management

ICCM Intelligent Quality Inspection

Nowadays, the business interaction of corporate physical store counters, field personnel and contact center customer service personnel mainly include sales of products, customer risk level assessment, appointments, risk prompts, audit review and other business affairs. Therefore, the demand for service compliance is particularly high. In order to provide early warning and prevent violations from these services, VoiceCyber released ICCM intelligent quality inspection to resolve and control risks as early as possible.
ICCM intelligent quality inspection uses big data generated from voice, video and screen recording to bridge the connection between corporate physical stores, field personnel and contact centers. It integrates with AI engine through a comprehensive quality inspection solution to conduct video analysis, voice analysis, text analysis, keyword search, complaint tracking, training standards and service quality inspection for all online and offline service behaviour. Standardized service behaviour helps corporations to avoid risks and reduce the operating cost significantly.
Product characteristics

Visualized Audiometry
Unique vertical playback design; display of voice, content and time
Voice, texts, screen and image playback synchronously; separated incoming and outgoing conversation

Automatic Inspection
The introduction of the automatic scoring mechanism will greatly relieve quality inspectors and reduce operating costs.
Provide multi-dimensional quality inspection based on the combination of role discrimination, full-text recognition, keyword recognition, speech speed detection, mute detection, overlapping sound detection results, etc.
Judge any abnormal behaviours that went against the prescribed procedures, violate regulation or even disclose corporate confidential information through the formulation of standard operation procedures, standard speech techniques, improper service language, etc.

Statistical Analysis
Achieve compliance inspection, early risk warning, trend analysis and exploitation of business opportunities through data analysis and data mining.

Network Multiple Channel System Alarm

MoIP terminal will check the status of all channels and report the terminal status to the remote centralized management platform VCLog Message Server. At the same time, the management platform can request abnormal information from each terminal. In addition, the management platform reserves API interface for third-party platform to obtain the operating status of the whole system from the VCLog server. Operation and maintenance personnel can locate the specific terminal position according to the alarm information and conduct equipment inspection and troubleshooting.

Counter Video Capturing

IPC series specialised surveillance cameras are suitable for industries such as financial, telecommunications, government, schools, airports, factories, hotels, museums, traffic monitoring and more that require high-definition image quality with dark environment, especially for the backlight environment such as hall. Even more, these cameras also have excellent video capture effects in places such as bank counters and business hall counters.IPC series specialised surveillance cameras have perfect API interface, which integrates with VoiceCyber intelligent counter service compliance management solution to ultimately standardise the industry double recording standard.

Counter Equipment

Sound Capture
Directional MIC

Bi-Directional MIC
Enhanced Noise-cancelling
Echo Cancellation
Enhanced beamforming; beamforming direction adjustable from 0°-180°

Omnidirectional MIC

360° omnidirectional sound capture
Enhanced noise cancellation
Echo cancellation

Video Capture
Webcam IPC camera