Trends and difficulties of home agent

  As we all know, the contact center industry is densely staffed in an indoor working environment. To ensure the safety of employees and prevent the spread of the pandemic, it is undoubtedly a necessary choice for contact center companys to implement remote agents.


According from the market demand, VoiceCyber promptly launched the VCLog SoIP home agent voice, video and screen recording solution. This solution is equipped with the ability to record the whole process of remote agent’s voice, video and computer screen operation while carrying out centralized management and storage. Company able to playback voice, video and screen recording files synchronously. Thereby ensuring the working quality and efficiency of the remote agent as well as standardizing the service behaviour of the remote agent. Moreover, it helps to ensure the data control of the company and enabling the company to meet the requirements of compliance.


VCLog SoIP is equipped with powerful features while being able to integrate with the intelligent quality inspection system ICCM developed by VoiceCyber. It added screen interactive data as a recording information for the quality inspection system to achieve visualised intelligent quality inspection, ensure the comprehensive of quality inspection and the intuitive of service process. This enables company to meet the requirements of compliance supervision, update of the service status and quality, and lastly finding and solving problems in time.


  • The client side required to install a screen recording client plug-in to collect softphone voice and desktop screen recording locally
  • The screen recording server supports cluster deployment, and the client-server connection supports active-active redundancy
  • The web management terminal able to manage system parameters and files as well as supporting real-time monitoring of screens and recording playback
Screen recording and monitoring
Screen monitoring based on home agent group
Various screen resolution configuration, multiple screens recording


Local recording
Multi-sampling rate: 8k, 16k
Multiple configuration: mono, stereo, independent, surround sound
Multi-audio track: speaker, microphone, hybrid speaker and microphone

Support two video recording modes
Record local camera video content in picture-in-picture mode
Separate recording of local camera video (dedicated camera resource required)

Audio recording, video recording and screen recording files playback synchronously


Cloud Deployment:


Support cloud desktop
Cross-operating system: Windows, Linux
Cross-browser: HTML5 architecture, without any plug-ins

High Availability Design:


Supports high availability cluster deployment, downtime of a single server will not cause service interruption
Client video recording files can be uploaded to NAS storage or a storage device and then backed up through asynchronous archiving

Product Performance:


Single terminal monitoring bandwidth less than 50kbps
Video recording files are stored as low as 120MB per hour
A single server supports 1000 agent registrations and 500 concurrent recordings
Operating memory of recording client consumes less than 100MB, CPU usage less than 10%

Security Compliance:


Support screen watermark feature to prevent information leakage
Support automatic verification and upload on client-side screen recording data
Support client screen recording service and process daemon, prevent operation to stop service or end process
Support client video recording notification, display camera recording content on client screen in real time to prevent illegal video recording


Product Specification

Server Side
Coding: MP4, Client Resolution: 720P-1080P, Frame Rate: frame/second
Screen recording service, database service and web service single-machine deployment
Operating System Windows Server 2016 / 2012 / 2008 R2 64 bit / Linux
Database Oracle 11g / 12c 64 bit  or  MySQL 5.7 64 bit or MSSQL 64 bit
CPU VM:Intel i7 4Core 2.8GHz or Xeon 4Core  2.0GHz(Minimum Specification) VM:Intel Xeon 8Core 2.4GHz or higher(Recommended Specification)
Physical:Intel i7 4Core 2.8GHz or Xeon 4Core 2.0GHz(Minimum Specification) Physical:Intel Xeon 6Core 2.4GHz or higher(Recommended Specification)
Memory 16GB 24GB
Hard disk SATA 7200 RPM or SAS, or SSD SATA 7200 RPM  or SAS, or SSD
C Drive 250GB; D Drive 1TB (the actual required capacity depends on the number of recording channels, call duration and storage time. It is recommended to separately configure NAS storage for MP4 video storage)
Network Card At least 2 gigabit network cards
Client Side
Coding: MP4, Client Resolution: 720P-1080P, Frame Rate: frame/second (Key frame rate: 30 frames/second)
Operating System Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
CPU Intel i3 4Core 1.6GHz(Minimum Specification) Intel i5 4Core 1.8GHz or higher (Recommended Specification)
Memory 4GB(Minimum Specification) 8G or higher (Recommended Specification)
Hard disk SATA 7200 RPM or SAS, or SSD
C Drive 250GB; D Drive 500GB (local cache usage and local files are deleted after uploading to the server)
Network Card 1 gigabit network card