Our Vision is to Make Contact Center Application Observability Software an Innovative Experience and Value for Our Customers

“Applied Observability” is one of the top ten technology trends in the IT industry for the future. VoiceCyber will actively participate in the early exploration and specific practice of this trend application technology in the contact center field, and work with our customers to face the challenges brought by future technology trends and future market environment changes.


Contact Center Application Observability Software will be an Important Source of Data-driven Decision-making

Start with data from contact center interactions, record, analyze, and make recommendations that enable organizations to more quickly and accurately observe and make future decisions based on information interactions from systems inside and outside the contact center. When the relevant software system is implemented in the contact center and continuously used, the response time of internal and external business operations will be shortened, and business operations can be optimized in time or even in real time.

The principle of “contact center application observability” is: by observing the information output of the contact center system to judge the internal state of the system, and then optimize the system, especially when a variety of AI artificial intelligence-related systems are introduced, the “IT observation” and “IT monitoring” of robots become more important and complex, and the timeliness requirements for optimization and adjustment have become higher and higher. In addition, when we extend this concept from the perspective of simple “IT observation” or “IT monitoring” to contact center organization operations or enterprise organization operations, we call it “generalized application observability”. “Generalized Application Observability” feeds back these observable feature data in a highly integrated and integrated way, creating a decision-making loop that improves the effectiveness of contact center organizational decisions or enterprise organizational decisions.

During the operation of intelligent contact centers, observable raw data with structured or structure-like characteristics will be generated, such as call audios, interactive videos, screen images, instant messages, emails, operation logs, API calls, file transfers, and so on. “Contact Center Application Observability or Generalized Application Observability” software processes this observable feature data to make rational and effective decisions by “letting the data speak.”

The use of “contact center application observability” software enables contact centers or enterprise organizations to leverage the characteristics of their data to gain competitive advantage. Contact Center Application Observability software is a powerful tool for increasing the strategic importance of the right data at the right time so that contact centers or organizations can act quickly based on objective characteristic data rather than subjective management intent. If planned and successfully implemented in a strategy, Contact Center Application Observability software will become an important source of data-driven decision-making in an intelligent contact center.


Constantly Strive to Keep up with Technology Trends and Become a Technologically Advanced and Respected Company in the Market Segment

Starting from the contact center recording, after years of development and the following of the world’s leading enterprises in the industry, we finally came to a new intelligent era, the opportunities and challenges faced are unprecedented, we have chosen a “specialized, specialized and new” path, I believe that under the majority of customer support, through continuous efforts, strive to become a “specialized and new” software enterprise that can go out of Asia, and create higher value for customers under the trend of new technologies.