Record Every Interaction, Transcribe Every Voice

Record every interaction, transcribe every voice. The VCLog voice and video recording system completely and securely transcribes the voice and video of each customer interaction into a data file that can be played repeatedly, and pushes it to the AI engine to transcribe the call into text after the call is over, and automatically forms a summary. Under the premise of complying with the contact center business security regulations, 100% voice capture is guaranteed, that is, no recording will be lost. The VCLog voice and video recording system allows quick and efficient search for the recording file wanted to query from thousands of call records through key call information and any keywords. This providing a basis for the contact center to quickly resolve disputes, reducing business risks, providing a channel for listening to the voice of customers and being close to the needs of customers, then eventually providing a guarantee for the contact center to achieve KPI goals.


Capture 100% of Calls and Texts

Full-time recording. Record every customer call, don’t miss every customer interaction data, and convert media data into visual text to ensure that you can intuitively see the entire process of customer interaction and the entire picture of contact center operation.

Automatic alarm monitoring and data pre-processing technologies. Automatic alarm monitoring can reduce downtime, so that customers can find problems with related devices in time, and help equipment managers warn and solve problems in a timely manner. The advanced data pre-processing technology effectively ensures that the original data is not lost during the network data transmission process, and the integrity of the data received by the VCLog voice and video recording system is effectively guaranteed, so as to ensure that the call data is not lost and the voice quality is guaranteed.


Cloud Communication has Revolutionized IoT and Client Solutions

FAPs collect and manage IoT recording. As call centers gradually shift from on-premise deployment to cloud deployment, how to provide secure, stable and flexible recording solutions has become a core concern for customers. Based on cloud computing, with the help of IoT equipment and self-developed FAPs, VoiceCyber directly obtains audio data from the phones or microphone terminals of key positions in the enterprise, and combines the CTI or other interfaces of the cloud contact center to completely record every conversation, creating a safe and intelligent cloud phone recording solution for enterprises.

SoIP records 15 types operating behaviors of the agent’s computer. The SoIP super client can support the recording of multiple communication channels such as cloud communication, cloud collaboration. With the edge computing capability of the agent computer, it can accurately record the image of the computer screen, the image of the computer camera, the audio information of the computer sound card, and the media data of the computer network card, track and record the computer operation of the agent throughout the process, and store the captured media data files and computer operation logs in VCLog for unified management and query. SoIP’s built-in toolbar provides a rich interface, enabling agents to easily operate and display, built-in intelligent applications such as face authentication and voiceprint verification, and also provides multi-dimensional data support for IDHA contact center intelligent discovery & advise.


Powered by OpenAl Whisper

94.7% highly accurate text transcript. VCLog Advance is embedded with the text transcript capability of the OpenAI Whisper with an accuracy rate of up to 94.7% (WER: word error rate of 5.3%). The model was trained based on 680,000 hours of multilingual and multitask-supervised data collected from the web, and the large and diverse dataset improved robustness to accents, background noise, and technical language. With the powerful combination of VoiceCyber’s voice processing technology accumulated over more than 20 years and “OpenAI Whisper”, a cost-effective text transcript solution, VCLog Advance are designed for both call recording and counter recording scenarios, so as to meet the basic text transcript requirements of most enterprise customers.

Secure on-premise deployment. The text transcript engine adopts on-premise deployment to avoid transmitting call data to the cloud for text transcript, which can effectively ensure the security of customers’ private data and ensure that the data does not leave the enterprise intranet.

More than 100 languages and dialects are supported. The engine not only supports text transcript of Chinese Mandarin, Cantonese, etc., but also supports text transcript of up to 100 types of languages such as English, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Thai, German, French, etc., and multilingual speech can also be accurately recognized.


Embrace the AI Engine and Immerse Yourself in the AI World

Supports a variety of high end speech engines. In addition to the embedded “OpenAI Whisper” for customers to choose, VCLog Advance also supports integration with more than 20 speech to text transcript engines including Alibaba, Baidu, Google, iFLYTEK, Microsoft, etc., providing customers with more flexible voice engine connection capabilities, making it easier and faster for customers to choose to switch to different voice engine providers, without having to pay additional and expensive secondary development connection fees, and truly achieving a single purchase flexibly cope with the future.

Voiceprint authentication is integrated and displayed on the SoIP client. Combined with IBAE, it can connect to the voiceprint recognition engine, receive the voiceprint recognition result return from the engine, and display the voiceprint recognition authentication result through the toolbar of SoIP, so that the agent can determine the identity of the speaker.

Call summaries are automatically generated. After the call ends, the system automatically generates a call summary, saving the agent’s time and effort, allowing the agent to focus on more high-value tasks. At the same time, the next agent can immediately access an accurate call summary and move on to follow-up actions to quickly resolve the customer’s core issue. Business units can also effortlessly integrate call summaries into CRM or seamlessly integrate into quality monitoring workflows through APIs, helping businesses focus on customer pain points and improve customer satisfaction.

Voice, video and subtitle synchronization technology to visualize customer interaction. The voice recording file is accompanied by the transcribed text, combined with the screen or video image synchronous playback, forming a perfect multimedia audio-visual effect, which not only helps enterprise managers to better grasp the key information, but also helps them quickly understand and digest the important content, so that the enterprise can quick locate customer needs, thereby significantly improving customer insight. In addition, this multimedia effect of synchronized sound and picture subtitles also plays an important role in training and quality control. The interactive video and voice bring an immersive experience to the agents, which greatly improves their enthusiasm to participate in the training; At the same time, this presentation method also makes the originally boring quality inspection work vivid and interesting, effectively helps quality inspectors avoid mistakes, and greatly improves work efficiency.


Search for the Correct Content, Tagging, Bookmark Positioning

Automatic Tagging classifies recording files. By connecting to the speech recognition engine, the system can automatically tag and classify the recording file according to the pre-setting of the keyword or text logic. By connecting to the speech recognition engine, the system can also convert all speech data into text data, and can search and play the recording file through specific text information, so as to achieve quick locate from massive volume of recordings.

Bookmark management. When listening to voice recording, inserting bookmarks can make it more convenient for users to search relevant content through bookmarks, and improve the retrieval efficiency through bookmark query afterwards. For lengthy recording, bookmarks can help users quickly locate specific time points; Users can set bookmarks in key points and business divergence paragraphs, which is convenient for quick review later, pinpoint problems and provide efficient feedback.

Find what you really need. Through the rich query function of VCLog voice and video recording system, managers can quickly filter out the required content from thousands of interactive information, and find all the facts they need to know in time with the help of the integrated playback of voice, screen and video recording.


Protect Your Data, Protect Your Interest

Transmission Security
The VoiceCyber recording system ensures that the client and the recording server use HTTPS communication, and the file upload and archiving can support the SFTP protocol to ensure the security of data transmission.

Data Security
The VoiceCyber recording system ensures that sensitive data is encrypted and stored in the database using AES128 encryption, and complies with the Financial Payment Industry Information Security Standard (PCI-DSS 3.0) to meet the compliance objectives of regulatory requirements, and the system also complies with PDPA rules to ensure that there is no key sensitive information displayed (such as masking of customer number and customer name in the recording data).

File Security
VoiceCyber’s recording system uses the AES256 encryption algorithm to record, compress, encrypt and store each call record to ensure the security of customer interaction data in an all-round way. It also has the integrity check function of the file to meet the requirements of the regulations and ensure that the authenticity of the file is not tampered with, so as to prevent the recording file from being used maliciously.

Traceability of Operations
The VoiceCyber recording system satisfies complete audit trails and records, and comprehensive audit logs can be used to locate the cause of problems and assign responsibility for accidents in security incidents. User operation information is recorded in the audit log, which can quickly locate whether the system has been subjected to malicious operations and attacks.


A Single Server Supports up to 4,000 Channels

With the introduction of AI applications into all aspects of contact centers by large enterprises, the increasing regulatory requirements of regulators for outbound calls to contact centers, and the continuous need for enterprises to reduce server costs and increase carbon emissions, the concurrency density of recording systems has become an important consideration when choosing a solution. The VCLog voice and video recording system supports up to 4,000 channels of concurrent recording on a single server, providing a guarantee for the support of high-density systems in large enterprises.


Linux and Windows Operating Systems are Supported to Better Meet the Requirements of Unified Operation and Maintenance

In addition to supporting various versions of Windows, it also supports mainstream Linux such as CentOS, Redhat, SUSE, Ubuntu. As more public cloud services and private cloud services of software migrate to Linux, adapting to the above-mentioned Linux will become a priority indicator for software selection.


VCLog BI Business Intelligence, Help to Build a Modern Contact Center

Empower the contact center with strong analytical capability. VCLog able to integrate with VCLog BI (intelligence advanced reporting and analytic system) and provide customers with high availability and customizable intelligence data analytic product. This platform carries out data mining on customer behavior with advanced analytics tools and extract predictive content to discover the value in every customer interaction and provide effective basis for marketing decision.

Enhance customer-oriented business strategy by sharing the overall data of customer experience of the whole company. The manager will then have sufficient data basis to adjust the direction of service and business. Furthermore, continuously improve the customer service experience level, the operation and management efficiency of contact center, and the success rate of sales and marketing.


Product Combination Provides Complete Solution

VCLog is one of the intelligent customer experience management product series. Products such as VCLog BI, FAPs, SoIP, IBAE, IDHA, ICCM, IVOC, IMAM, MediaHUB, etc. can form a complete and flexible intelligent customer experience management solution. Each product from the combination can also be used in standalone or combined. While contact centers development is progressing, technology helps to provide customer with compliance and high-quality customer service thus assist the enterprise to enhance resilience.


Efficient retrieval playback
Quick search for keywords, tags, and bookmarks
Unified interface for audio, video, and screen recording files to search and play
Open Source ASR and mainstream AI engine text transcript are supported
Custom metadata tags enable efficient, automated searches
Standard RESTful APIs can better integrate business systems and quickly search them
  Excellent integration of new technologies
SIPREC protocol is supported
Integrated OTP to effectively enhance account security
Use file integrity verification to enhance file security and compliance, and enhance the effective value of recording
It supports the mainstream S3 object storage protocol in the financial field and supports the multi-database active/standby high-availability architecture
High density, high concurrency
A single server can support up to 4,000 target channels and 2,000 concurrent channels
A single system can centralized manage up to 100 recording servers
A single system supports a maximum of 400,000Ch target and 200,000Ch concurrent recordings

  High availability
Support disaster recovery architecture and data synchronization
Different structure HA and different recording methods are supported to ensure high data availability
It supports multiple high-availability architectures such as 1+1, N+1, and N+M, and the recording stability can reach 99.99%

Rich recording methods
Microphone recording
IoT device recording
Call recording
Screen recording
Cloud communication recording
Wireless intercom recording
Public address recording


A complete product series that provides the possibility for sustainable development

We focus on research, development and production of “Customer Interaction Intelligent Management” related product. After a long period of experience accumulation, a complete product series has now been formed. Providing optional solutions for customer at each different development stage for “Customer Interaction”. With the maturity of artificial intelligence technology, we will continue to combine new artificial intelligence technology to develop more intelligent products, so that “Customer Interaction Intelligent Management” can achieve sustainable development.


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