Along with the rapid development of technology, artificial intelligence has gradually become an effective factor for customers to select products. Speech recognition, voiceprint authentication, face recognition and other technologies are applied in various industries. Currently, many artificial intelligence engine manufacturers have announced that their speech recognition technology has achieved more than 95% accuracy in an ideal environment. However, the accuracy will decline in the actual environment. Manufacturers believe that one of the reasons affecting the recognition rate is the noise in the original data.

VoiceCyber launches an artificial intelligence recognition rate improvement solution that apply on the original data. Through the combination of software and hardware, this solution possibly minimizes the interference between contact center agents. As a result, this provides an ideal data for the artificial intelligence engine and maximizes the artificial intelligence recognition rate.

Solution Advantages

MiniNoise noise reduction headset with directional microphone design Advanced noise reduction technology Compare the characteristics of voice data through software Configure software and hardware parameters according to actual environment
Eliminates sound came outside from a specific angle and accurately block the sound of neighbouring agents. Eliminate noise such as the background sound of surrounding environment and the customer speech echo. Eliminate noises and transmit pure sound source to artificial intelligence engine. Provide the best data for the artificial intelligence engine

Noise Reduction Headset VS Normal Headset

Noise reduction headset can effectively reduce the interference of neighbouring agents in contact center

Noise reduction headset and normal headset are both used to record the same call simultaneously. The recording of normal headset can clearly hear the noisy environmental sound and the sound of neighbouring agents.
By sending these two groups of data to the same speech recognition engine, the audio source without noise reduction headset contains the voice of the neighbouring agents. This does not only interfere with the content of speech recognition, but also reduces the accuracy of speech recognition.

Noise reduction headset effectively improves the accuracy of speech recognition

Using the same call, both the noise reduction headset and the normal headset are used for recording, and then two sets of audio files are sent to the same speech engine for recognition.

It is obvious that the recognition rate of sound source data with noise reduction headset processing is nearly 100%. In the contrary, the recognition result of normal headset contains with words that did not exist in the original call and a lot of call contents are missing, which is very disorganized.

Original Recording Files Comparison

Voice recorded by noise reduction headset

Voice recorded by normal headset

Speech Waveforms Comparison

VoiceCyber will eliminate the sound of neighbouring agents through software, which improves the overall recognition rate of artificial intelligence engine. Contact center can request the agents to perform speech repetition so as to achieve the best effect of the artificial intelligent application.
MiniNoise Noise Reduction Headset + VoiceCyber Recording System + Agent Speech Repetition is the best choice for artificial intelligence application in contact center.