With the rapid development of science and technology, artificial intelligence has grown ever so prevalent. Technology such as voice recognition, voiceprint authentication, and face recognition now span various industries.

At present, a number of speech recognition engines can reach an accuracy of over 95%. However, these accuracy rates decrease substantially in less than ideal conditions, such as unwanted noise.

To solve this problem, VoiceCyber proposes their AI recognition rate enhancement solution. The solution processes raw data via hardware and software and minimizes mutual interference between neighboring call center agents. It provides clean voice data and maximizes the artificial intelligence recognition rate.


Program Advantages

  • MiniNoise professional noise canceling headset with directional microphone design – eliminates noise beyond angular range and accurately shields sounds from adjacent agents.
  • Advanced noise reduction technology: eliminates ambient background sound, customer voice echo, and other noises
  • Uses software to compare spectrogram characteristics; processes invalid sounds and delivers pure sound sources to artificial intelligence engines
  • Configurable hardware and software parameters: adjust in accordance with environmental and sound data needs.


Noise-reducing Headset Improves Speech Recognition Accuracy

Sound data were recorded simultaneously on both the noise reduction headset and the normal headset. Audio files were processed with the same speech recognition engine.

As seen, noise reduction headset recognition rate is good. The normal headset, on the other hand, delivers less impressive results; more words are registered differently as they appear in the conversation, and the headset picks ups more extra words.


Results Comparison

Sample Recognition Accuracy Statistics

Total number of words Correct number of words Accuracy
Original 65 65 100%
Noise Reduction Microphone 68 60 88.2%
Normal Microphone 79 59 74.7%

Through comparison and analysis, we can see that the noise reduction microphones increased recognition accuracy by approximately 13%. The dramatic improvement of noise reduction headphones makes it a superb accessory for artificial intelligence engines.


Comparison of Original Voice Files:

Noise Cancelled Headset Recording Sound

Normal Headset Recording Sound

Speech Waveform Comparison

Sound waveform of internationally renowned manufacturer’s noise reduction headset :

Sound waveform of noise reduction headset:

When both parties talk simultaneously, the MiniNoise noise reduction headset almost completely eliminates neighboring seat audio; when the seat is not, the headphone continues to eliminate neighboring seat audio.


Sound waveforms processed by VoiceCyber recording software : 

VoiceCyber employs software as a second noise-canceling layer. The software-layer continues to eliminate neighboring noise and prevents uncorrelated voices from affecting speech recognition rate. Have agents repeat speeches to achieve the best artificial intelligence recognition results.

Noise Cancelling Headset + VoiceCyber Recording System + Agent Speech Repetition is the best contact center artificial intelligence solution.