Agile AI Dispatching is One of The Core Capabilities of Contact Center

Artificial intelligence technology has enhanced the status of contact centers in corporate world. Transform a cost center of service hotline to the profitable center of business marketing. Business transformation has updated new requirements for contact center for AI dispatching capability, which brings huge challenges to the original technical architecture.  Factors such as various artificial intelligence platforms, cost reduction, changes of multiple scenarios and rapid growth of applications have made contact center managers to consider AI dispatching capability while using the manual configuration of communication dispatching capability. Both capabilities are equally important which will affect the contact center future development.

VoiceCyber’s IBAE, Intelligent Bridge of Analytics Engine allows contact center to quickly integrate with different communication and intelligent engine platforms in an innovative, compatible, open and free switching. Furthermore, this helps companies to flexibly deploy artificial intelligence applications, quickly resolve technical challenges, more flexible on choose products and services and prepare two dispatching capabilities (communication dispatching capability and intelligent dispatching capability) for future business applications with constant adjustments.


Intelligent Construction Brought Multiple Challenges to Contact Centers

Platform cannot compete with the pace of business and technology development. From initial call center to contact center, the change of name reflects the transformation of entire technical architecture. Voice calling platform can no longer provide modern contact centers with deeper capabilities or meet business intelligence requirements.

Intelligent application integration is complex. Different PBX platforms and intelligent engines require integration and PoC (Proof of Concept). Thereby, enterprises and integrators have invested huge manpower, time and energy, with extended project cycle.

It is difficult to select and replace intelligent engine which resulted in resource wastage. Companies need to select various intelligent engines for integration. Once the final result is not ideal, the replacement cost is too high, resulting in a waste of resources.


Intelligent Construction Requires Dispatching Platform for AI Capability

Intelligent interaction to avoid work duplication. As a dispatching platform for AI capability, IBAE helps multiple intelligent applications to integrate with contact center platform at the communication protocol level to avoid work duplication.

Intelligent tools save time and cost. IBAE is also an intelligent tool that enables connection between basic AI resources in each system, avoid repeated connections and construction, helping both company and integrator to save time and costs.

Let intelligent applications play a greater role. IBAE optimizes intelligent engine resources that have not been properly allocated. For example: the ASR resource of the intelligent outbound call system that works during day time and rest at night time while the ASR of the intelligent quality inspection that works at night and rest during day time. It also helps companies optimize these resources and bring greater competitive advantages to the contact center in intelligent transformation. Therefore, the entire business can achieve a profitable development.


IBAE Supports Integration with Six Types of Artificial Intelligence Engines

Voice Recognition
VRE=Voice Recognition Engine
VEE=Voice Emotion Engine

Biometrics Recognition
VBE=Voice Biometric Engine
FBE=Face Biometric Engine

Vision Recognition
DVE=Dynamic Vision Engine
SVE=Static Vision Engine


Linux and Windows Operating Systems are Supported to Better Meet the Requirements of Unified Operation and Maintenance

In addition to supporting various versions of Microsoft Windows operating system, it also supports mainstream Linux operating systems such as CentOS, Euler, OpenEuler, Redhat, SUSE, Ubuntu, and UOS under the x86 architecture system, as well as mainstream Linux operating systems such as OpenEuler and UOS under the ARM architecture system. As more public cloud services and private cloud services of software migrate to Linux operating system platforms, adapting to the above-mentioned Linux operating system platforms will become a priority indicator for software selection.


IBAE and SoIP integrated to promote the innovation of intelligent application ecosystem

IDHA smart discovery came along. SoIP, as a super client installed in the agent computer, unleash to the ability of edge computing, captures the data of the agent computer, and at the same time records the computer data. According to the pre-logic setting of the IDHA system, SoIP client pushes the relevant data to the artificial intelligence engine through IBAE, and returns the results to IDHA for logical judgment and data analysis, and lastly displays the conclusion in real time on the IDHA interface. The agent team leader can be triggered and locate the various preset conditions in real time.

The IAAM smart assistant is about to be born. Contact center agents need to handle hundreds or even thousands of call tasks every day, facing huge work pressure, and long-term high-intensity work will not only affect the service efficiency of agents, but also have a negative impact on physical and mental health. In order to improve this situation, VoiceCyber will soon launch an innovative application of IAAM intelligent assistant, which can help agents effectively reduce their work burden and better cope with work challenges. Combined with IBAE’s powerful real-time data forwarding capabilities, IAAM interacts with the artificial intelligence engine to translate the conversation between agents and customers in real time, and can automatically retrieve relevant product information or knowledge content, assisting agents to quickly and accurately solve customer problems, thereby improving service quality and customer satisfaction. At the same time, combined with the SoIP Toolbar, agents can select the audio files to be broadcast with one click, and automatically play the pre-recorded files of relevant product instructions or legal and regulatory documents or policy to customers, reducing the work pressure of agents and effectively reducing the error rate.


Product Combination Provides Complete Solution

IBAE is one of the intelligent customer experience management product series. Products such as VCLog, SoIP, MoIP , IDHA, IAAM, etc. can form a complete and flexible intelligent customer experience management solution. Each product from the combination can also be used in standalone or combined. While contact centers development is progressing, technology helps to provide customer with compliance and high-quality customer service thus assist the enterprise to enhance resilience.



IBAE System

Supports concurrent integration between voice or video streams and various artificial intelligence engines.


IBAE Gateway

Support concurrent forwarding of voice and video streams to the specified target.



Voice Recognition

Real-time Voice Transcription   Keyword Analysis   Text Emotion
The recording between the contact center agent and the customer is transcribed into text in real time. This helps the agent instant respond to the customer’s request and provide verbal professional suggestions, thus improving the service quality.   All kinds of analysis can be done on recording through pre-set keyword policies, such as real-time monitoring of sensitive high-risk words, offline quality inspection, etc.   Emotion recognition based on voice transcription text data can judge the user’s emotional fluctuation in real time. Furthermore, assist agent to adopt the best coping strategy.

Biometric Recognition

Identity Matching   Voiceprint Authentication   Video Facial Recognition
Through relying on the voiceprint model, user’s voice in the recording are compared with the voiceprint database to determine the identity of each user. So as to provide different speech suggestions to the agent.   By comparing the speaker’s voice with the voiceprint registered in the database, the authentication of the speaker can be judged. This helps agent to verify the user’s identity while allowing users to conduct identify verification through voice at any places.    Implement face recognition on the video recording of the contact center agent to verify the actual identity. It can be widely applied to prevent fraud while reducing business cost in financial risk control and business process improvement.

Vision Recognition

    Screen Recording OCR    
     Image recognition is done on the screen recording of the contact center agent to generate corresponding text data. This provides the basis for data mining and information processing such as intelligent quality inspection and keyword analysis in text-based customer service.    


A complete product series that provides the possibility for sustainable development

We focus on research, development and production of “Customer Interaction Intelligent Management” related product. After a long period of experience accumulation, a complete product series has now been formed. Providing optional solutions for customer at each different development stage for “Customer Interaction”. With the maturity of artificial intelligence technology, we will continue to combine new artificial intelligence technology to develop more intelligent products, so that “Customer Interaction Intelligent Management” can achieve sustainable development.


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