More and more contact centers are adopting artificial intelligence technologies to automate contact center operations in order to reduce labor cost and improve management. The effectiveness of artificial intelligence technology is highly dependent on sound quality; it goes without saying that noise is the natural enemy of AI recognition rate. Background noise and uncorrelated sound subsequently become key technical problems to tackle.

*Background noise: Noise caused by other agents when the agent is speaking (i.e., contact center is seated densely).

*Uncorrelated sound: The voice of neighboring agents when the agent is not speaking.

Headsets on the market currently employ unilateral sound collection, whereby an agent’s voice is sampled together with noises during the sound collection process. AI engines can subsequently have trouble distinguishing the agent’s voice if the environment is noisy and agents are seated densely.


The MiniNoise headset for AI seeks to solve this problem. It comes equipped with dual-side voice collection, uses advanced algorithms to suppress unwanted sounds, and specializes in neighboring sound and ambient background noise reduction. Neighboring agents are not identified as effective voice even if the wearer is not speaking,  thereby improving sound quality and AI recognition accuracy.


The MiniNoise AI headsets are used with in conjunction with related products to provide the ideal noise-free artifical intelligence experience.

As depicted in the figure below, VoiceCyber provides four-stages of noise reduction: sound collection, transmission, recording, and forwarding.


MiniNoise Headset-U features:


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