Technology and Service are Our Core Competencies

  • Service Interface

Customer service for each customer is provided through a dedicated interface person, who arranges customer support resources to facilitate the progress, so that the customer could receive simple and efficient support to deal with all problems faced.

  • R & D Capabilities

As a technology-service-oriented enterprises, VoiceCyber is able to provide customers with a wealth of value-added research and development services, including customization, integraton and advice, architecture and testing of new technology features.

  • After-sales Service

Regular inspection

Provides one regular and two motorized inspection for each quarter to test utilization, stability, reliability, and other system performance indicators of equipments and systems. The warranty is renewable according to customer’s demand. Consumers can specify the number of inspection and inspection time to meet their schedule.

Special date guarantee service

Provides special time (maintenance day, room / wiring adjustment and transformation, holidays, the annual settlement day, National Day, and customers think the time needed) on-site guarantee service. The security period is specified by your company.


Service Commitment

  •  Respond within 2 hours to emergency failures, and arranges on-site troubleshooting
  •  Respond within 8 hours to non-emergency failure
  •  Troubleshoot general failures within 24 hours
  •  Repaire equipment failure within 2 weeks
  •  For daily management and maintenance services, the normal response time is 24 hours

Technical Support

Pre-sales technical support:

After-sales technical services:

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