Real-time Speech-to-Text – Real-time transcription of call data into text data to help agents respond quickly to customer requests. Can also provide real-time professional speech suggestions to improve service quality.

Offline Speech-to-Text – The audio data recorded in the contact center is converted into text data, providing the basis for AI-assisted quality inspection, agent rating, data mining, and other analytics.

Text Sentiment – Speech text data is analyzed to extract affective states. User mood swings are determined in real time and agents are recommended optimal response strategies.

Keyword Analysis – Analyze call recordings in accordance with predefined keywords. Perform real-time sensitive word monitoring, offline quality inspection, etc.

Machine Translation – Real-time call translation to help agents accurately pinpoint customer needs, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and reducing professional seat training cost. Supports Chinese-English, Chinese-Japanese, and Chinese-Korean.

Sentiment Analysis – Evaluate agents’ mood in timed segments. Analyze agents and customers’ mood changes to understand how customers are emotionally agitated.

Voiceprint Verification – Speaker’s voiceprint is compared real-time with their registered database voiceprint, helping the agent verify the identity of the customer. Voiceprint can be verified from any location.

Identity Matching —Employing the voiceprint model, users’ identities are determined by comparing user voice and voiceprint database. Speech suggestions are according provided to agents.

Fast Pinpointing – Quickly locate and pinpoint problem nodes with text-to-speech technology.

Accurate Quality Inspection – Complete quality inspection. Improved coverage and hit rate.

Data Mining – Performs call analytics and locate common customer areas of interest. Examines call semantic and context differences that lead to customer dissatisfaction. Helps improve service and discover market trends.

Image Recognition – Reads agents’ screen recording data and generates corresponding text data. Provides the basis for AI-assisted customer service quality inspection, hot word analysis, data mining, and other analysis processes.


Customized Solutions

One-stop integration artificial intelligence solution for all your different business needs. Helps partners achieve professional development in their respective professional fields.

Comes with data capture (data streams from clients and end devices, including but not limited to audio and video streams), recording systems, forwarding systems, intelligent engine systems, and remote management query systems.


Solution Process

Raw data is captured from clients or mobiles, including but not limited to audio, video, image data streams, etc. After raw data is recorded, the data is forwarded to different artificial intelligence engines. The AI engines process the recorded data and write the results to the data management system. The users can access and operate the analysis results in a remote management query system.


Product Advantages


Excellent performance

 Offline and real-time mode

 Mature and stable

 Easy to use

Get started fast. Compatible with original systems and provides industry-leading voice-models such as iflytech and Baidu. Achieves industry-leading results and creates smooth experiences for business products.

All artificial intelligence modules support real-time and offline functionality and can be adjusted according to environment to deliver optimal results.

The product is mature and stable: supports iterative upgrades, customized development, and diversified deployment.

Provides environment-compliant API interface and multi-language web-based management service. Easy to use.


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