Help Contact Centers Meet the Challenges of Video Applications

Make VCLog & SoIP screen and video recording playback smoother. With the increasing number of 5G video customer service scenarios in various industries, enterprises have higher requirements for the image quality of video and screen recording files. VoiceCyber’s intelligent media processing center MediaHUB uses powerful intelligent optimization algorithms to solve problems such as incoherence, stuttering, and flickering during playback, and can also eliminate the impact of green screen and black screen, greatly improve the smoothness of image playback, and make the playback of video image recording achieve the best effect.
“Slim down” for bandwidth and storage. Video and screen recordings tend to be large, consuming a lot of bandwidth during transfer and a lot of storage space when archiving. “Narrowband-HD”, this long-standing conflict and contradiction was not alleviated until browsers began to support H.265 encoding. MediaHUB can convert video and screen recordings to H.265 encoding format and output to the browser for playback, and also provides flexible and effective compression strategies to meet the various challenges of bandwidth and storage space for enterprises.


Innovative Algorithm, Video Optimization in One Step

More efficient optimization system. MediaHUB can obtain the recorded video image file from the VCLog audio and video recording server immediately or on demand, and use intelligent and innovative algorithms to optimize, transcode, compress and other processing of the image file according to customer needs. At the same time, the optimized video image files can also be sent directly to the storage server for archiving and storage.
More efficient video processing. MediaHUB supports hardware acceleration, cooperates with professional hardware equipment DC-NGPU, uses the high concurrent processing capacity of GPU, accelerates video and screen recording files, encodes and compresses videos, meets various management requirements for data files, and enriches management methods for enterprise organizations.


Flexible Calling, Media Free Transfer

Free media data transfer. MediaHUB provides a flexible calling interface to provide on-demand audio and video recordings for third-party applications, and provides media files with different encoding formats, resolutions, and frame rates required by the application. As a media relay station in the VCLog product system, MediaHUB realizes the intelligent and free conversion of media data.
Free video image extraction.
Third-party applications can also use MediaHUB’s calling interface to call specific images recorded by video according to the needs of different scene applications, and combine intelligent image processing engines such as OCR, face recognition, and video dynamic recognition to realize intelligent analysis and application of videos and images.







Video image information extraction   Video image quality optimization   Video coding conversion and compression   GPU hardware with powerful parallel processing


A complete product series that provides the possibility for sustainable development

We focus on research, development and production of “Customer Interaction Intelligent Management” related product. After a long period of experience accumulation, a complete product series has now been formed. Providing optional solutions for customer at each different development stage for “Customer Interaction”. With the maturity of artificial intelligence technology, we will continue to combine new artificial intelligence technology to develop more intelligent products, so that “Customer Interaction Intelligent Management” can achieve sustainable development.


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