The Change From “Call Center” to “Contact Center” is More than Just a Name Change

Omnichannel customer interactions make it very important to record desktops. With the development of new interaction channels such as instant messaging, social media, email, corporate blogging, video interaction, unified communications, and collaborative office, customer interaction based on computer desktops is increasing rapidly. How to record these interactions has become increasingly important for contact centers.

Customer interactions with a combination of video and audio are also on the rise. With the development of 5G networks, the increase in bandwidth makes the video clearer and clearer, and the video value-added applications that can be attached to the 4K screen have become more and more. Voice agents, text agents, and video agents will complement each other in the contact center for a long time, forming an omni-channel service system and completing the transformation from call center to contact center.


Edge Data Recording Allows Enterprises to Grasp More Critical Information

Omni-channel recording that is not limited to PC screen recording. The SoIP super client can record, audio video and screen of the computer microphone, camera, and screen of the agent client, and can also control the start and stop of the recording according to the application status, softphone status, or packet type on the network card. SoIP can record the whole process of user computer operation, such as the use of applications, keyboards and mouse; The connection status of peripheral devices such as USB flash drives and mobile hard disks, etc., and the logs and recorded data files are uploaded to the central server for unified storage, management, query and analytics by VCLog.

IP physical phones can also record at the edge. Together with the TX100(NR), SoIP can also support the recording of calls from VoIP hardphones. Many contact centers are currently using IP physical phones to connect agent computers to IP phones through the TX00(NR), which can capture call information and call sound when agents are serving customers through physical phones. Edge recording technology makes SoIP more secure for data processing, which can be used as a supplement to centralized recording solutions, and also provides a new option for contact centers to record heterogeneously and with high reliability.


Cloud Agent and Home Agent Recording, Intelligent Real-time Management of Customer Interaction Every Detail

SoIP supports the recording of cloud communication channels such as cloud communication, cloud collaboration, and cloud live broadcast, and meets the heterogeneous scenarios of intelligent collaboration between remote agents, local agents, and contact centers. SoIP’s powerful screen recording, voice and video recording functions can record the complete service process of cloud agents in an all-round way, and connect the captured voice, video, screen images and other data to various AI engines in real time through VoiceCyber’s IBAE contact center intelligent bridge system, helping enterprises to evolve to intelligent cloud contact centers more quickly. The media files recorded by SoIP can also be pushed to the ASR engine through VoiceCyber’s VCLog Advance contact center voice and video recording management system, which can be transcribed into call text and automatically form a summary, so as to realize the synchronous playback of audio and video + subtitles, and restore the whole process of agent service 100%. SoIP can also add records and supplements to VCInsight contact center data insight, providing a more dimensional basis for further service quality management and data analytics, allowing enterprises to find problems from every detail of every customer interaction, so as to fully understand the customer experience, and let the customer’s voice continue to promote the improvement of service quality.

The popularity of home agents poses new challenges to enterprise management, and SoIP provides a new way for home agents to be quickly and easily supervised. Through SoIP from the home agent’s computer to capture their microphone, camera, screen data, can also obtain its operation of the application, keyboard, mouse, network data packets and other information, combined with VoiceCyber IBAE and IDHA contact center intelligent discovery & advise, managers can obtain the home agent’s work status in real time, in the automatic detection of the home agent has illegal operations, accurate intervention to notify or stop. Intelligent real-time management means can allow enterprises to go deep into the smallest details of customer interaction, quickly find problems in operation services, find and deal with potential risks, and then help enterprises optimize business processes.

SoIP is the basic support for intelligent applications. SoIP edge recording technology can capture the audio, video, and screen images of the PC in different ways, as well as the whole process of the user’s computer operation, which not only enriches the data dimension, but also provides a supplement and guarantee for the intelligent application of the enterprise, and expands the intelligent application field of the contact center. SoIP can also make full use of the computing power of edge devices to deliver functions such as face recognition and media data encoding and decoding to the client, effectively reducing the pressure of intelligent applications on the computing power of the server, providing stronger basic support for the intelligent applications of the contact center, helping the contact center achieve more efficient and high-quality services, and improving customer satisfaction and competitiveness.


The Feature-rich and Convenient Toolbar Makes Work More Efficient

One-button control for easy operation. In addition to providing agents with a variety of recording control and playback recording methods, the rich Toolbar function provides users with one-click control based on the actual needs of the business, which is applied to multiple complex scenarios such as PCI-DSS 3.0, on-demand recording, and on-demand saving, so that users can independently choose to record and save specific call records according to their needs to meet regulatory requirements or business needs.

Intelligent announcement to reduce the burden on agents. In the process of promoting products, agents can customize the rules and conditions according to the business scenario, select the audio files that need to be broadcast from the Toolbar with one click, and automatically play the pre-recorded relevant product instructions or legal and regulatory documents to customers, so as to avoid errors in the manual broadcast process, cause unnecessary disputes, and greatly reduce the operational risk of the enterprise. At the same time, it can also help agents get rid of this tedious and boring work, release the time and energy of agents, realize an efficient one-to-many service model, and improve the work efficiency of agents.


Combined with IDHA, it provides intelligent management tools for contact centers

The contact center needs to supervise the service content of agents in a timely and accurate manner, and VoiceCyber’s contact center intelligent discovery & advise IDHA and SoIP work together to monitor and analyze the computer operation behavior, video images, screen text pictures and other data of agents in real time at the first time, and intuitively supervise the behavior track and emotional performance of agents and customers in the process of interaction, so that enterprise managers can find problems in time, quickly intervene, and give effective support.


Combined With the VCLog Voice and Video Recording System, VCInsight Provides More Dimensional Data

SoIP can centrally store the captured computer operation logs into the VCLog central recording system, and at the same time, combine the OCR recognition window name and the text information in the window, extract the text in the screen recording information and store it together. The multi-dimensional log information can be restored through the VCLog voice and recording system, and at the same time, it can be supplemented by adding records and supplements for the future use of VCInsight contact center data insight, providing a more dimensional basis for further service quality management.


Integrate With IBAE for Faster Intelligent Applications

Rich intelligent experiences. Combined with the real-time data transmission function of IBAE, it can quickly connect with the voiceprint recognition or face recognition AI engine for identity verification, and the voiceprint authentication and face authentication functions can be realized on the agent side, allowing the agent to determine the identity of the speaker in the first time. IBAE can also forward voice data to the ASR engine in real time at the same time, and agents can intelligently assist agents through the transparent subtitle box in the SoIP super client, displaying text subtitles such as voice text transcript results and notification information. AI-driven agent service greatly enhances the work ability of agents, helps to improve the service quality of contact centers, and improves customer satisfaction.


Linux and Windows Operating Systems are Supported to Better Meet the Requirements of Unified Operation and Maintenance

In addition to supporting various versions of Windows, it also supports mainstream Linux such as CentOS, Redhat, SUSE, Ubuntu. As more public cloud services and private cloud services of software migrate to Linux, adapting to the above-mentioned Linux will become a priority indicator for software selection.


VCLog BI Business Intelligence, Help to Build a Modern Contact Center

Empower the contact center with strong analytical capability. SoIP able to integrate with VCLog BI (intelligence advanced reporting and analytics system) and provide customers with high availability and customizable intelligence data analytic product. This platform carries out data mining on customer behavior with advanced analytics tools and extract predictive content to discover the value in every customer interaction and provide effective basis for marketing decision.

Enhance customer-oriented business strategy by sharing the overall data of customer experience of the whole company. The manager will then have sufficient data basis to adjust the direction of service and business. Furthermore, continuously improve the customer service experience level, the operation and management efficiency of contact center, and the success rate of sales and marketing.


Product Combination Provides Complete Solution

SoIP is one of the intelligent customer experience management product series. Products such as VCLog, IBAE, IDHA, ICCM, IVOC, VCLog BI, MediaHUB, etc. can form a complete and flexible intelligent customer experience management solution. Each product from the combination can also be used in standalone or combined. While contact centers development is progressing, technology helps to provide customer with compliance and high-quality customer service thus assist the enterprise to enhance resilience.


Cloud Deployment:


Support cloud desktop
Cross-operating systems: Windows, Linux
Cross-browser: HTML5 architecture, without any plug-ins

High Reliability Design:


Supports high-availability cluster deployment, and the downtime of a single server will not lead to service interruption
Client video files can be uploaded to a NAS storage file or backed up by asynchronous archiving after uploading to a storage device

Product Performance:


The single-terminal monitoring is less than 120 KBps bandwidth
The storage of screen recording files per hour is as low as 120M
A single server supports 1,000 agent registrations and 500 concurrent recording
The running memory of the screen recording client is not more than 100 MB, and the CPU usage is not more than 10%

Safety Compliance:


Support screen watermark function to prevent information leakage
Supports automatic verification and upload of screen recording data on the client
Client agent face authentication is supported to ensure data security
Client screen recording service and process daemon are supported to prevent misoperation from stopping services or terminating processes



A complete product series that provides the possibility for sustainable development

We focus on research, development and production of “Customer Interaction Intelligent Management” related product. After a long period of experience accumulation, a complete product series has now been formed. Providing optional solutions for customer at each different development stage for “Customer Interaction”. With the maturity of artificial intelligence technology, we will continue to combine new artificial intelligence technology to develop more intelligent products, so that “Customer Interaction Intelligent Management” can achieve sustainable development.


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