Intelligent Data Insight to Deliver a Better Customer Service Experience

Every interaction with customers is a good opportunity for enterprises to effectively enhance customer relationships, effectively enhance customer loyalty, and effectively improve customer demand analysis. VoiceCyber’s VCInsight contact center data insight integrates the ICCM contact center intelligent quality inspection and IVOC contact center data analysis products. It evaluates each customer service interaction with automated records and intelligent analytics. VCInsight utilizes advanced algorithms and technologies to perform classification and organization of the collected data, effectively shortening the feedback on customer experience, this provides businesses with a clearer understanding of customer needs, employee performance, service quality, and other critical aspects. It eventually helps enterprises to optimize business processes, discover and deal with potential risks and problems, improve service quality and customer satisfaction, achieve contact center goals and enhance the value of the entire business. Big data analysis provides enterprises with insights into market opportunities, further enhancing their core competitiveness.


Evaluate and Analyze Every Agent-customer Interaction

Omnimedia, omni-channel data recording and evaluation. Based on the omni-channel and all-media data captured by VCLog contact center voice and video recordings, FAPs IoT device recording products, SoIP super clients, and MoIP smart Brick-and-mortar store recording, VCInsight contact center data insights are based on the premise of ensuring the authenticity and validity of the data, and a unified quality inspection standard is formulated through ICCM to carry out 100% full intelligent automatic quality inspection of multi-source data files such as voice, video, text, and images. Identify violations and risks in the customer service process of agents, and the system can also automatically identify risky calls and their location, call content, risk class, and employee information based on predefined compliance policies. At the same time, under the premise that VCLog turns on the PCI DSS function, ICCM will not display the sensitive information of the customer, and will not destroy the integrity of the record and the assessable value of the data while protecting the privacy of the customer.

In-depth data mining and analysis. Utilizing data categorization analysis, association analysis, data early warning analysis, and customer evaluation, supplemented by artificial intelligence and big data technology for multi-dimensional analysis, IVOC can precisely classify, summarize, and examine these vast amounts of customer interaction data. It then investigates, research, timely sort out the issues encountered in the business process, continuously uncovering deeper customer needs, provide enterprises with more comprehensive and in-depth data insights, help enterprises better understand customer needs and satisfaction, improve service quality and customer experience, and these analysis results can also provide strong support for enterprises to improve products and optimize operation strategies, and promote the continuous development and improvement of enterprises.


Promote Key Performance Indicators

Get instant results with an out-of-the-box scoring tool. One-time call resolution rate, customer satisfaction, sales success rates, service scripts, and execution rates are all available immediately through a library of pre-built evaluation reports. Of course, we also provide report customization services to meet your specific business needs.

Create reports and dashboards that can be flexibly customized. Focus on the business diversity and process differentiation of your contact center to create holistic statistical reports that match specific business goals and specific business processes.

Let the voice of the customer drive the improvement of service quality. The customer’s feedback mechanism is integrated into ICCM after the call, which can be called to view the customer’s feedback during playback and scoring, as a reference for evaluating service quality, and at the same time, it can track the customer’s behavior trajectory and analyze the customer’s behavior, so as to have a deeper understanding of the customer’s needs and promote the improvement of service quality based on the customer.

On-demand analytics are available. Combined with the VCLog voice and video recording system to dynamically monitor the call situation, you can view the agent’s screen operation in real time, obtain agent feedback in time, and provide the required KPI key performance indicators to the key person in charge of the overall business.


View From a Higher Perspective

Fully understand the customer experience. Combine with voice, video and screen recording, quality score, survey results, workforce management and voice or text analysis results to realize a more intelligent and comprehensive grasp of customer interaction quality.

Quick mine on the details from the services. Use configured or customized tagging, service keywords and other conditions to search efficiently. Quickly screen from huge volume of customer interaction data, and accurately find the multi-source data to be examined for service efficiency improvement. By using the feature of data mining and data analysis, we can actively and comprehensively analyse the massive data at both macro and micro levels. Furthermore, it rapidly finds out the problems and rules in operation services, strengthens the ability of business analysis and prediction, and quickly mine into the finest details.

Service quality assurance driven by analysis. Seamless integration of quality management, decision analysis, advanced reports and other tools. Refining data to form easy-to-understand reports and graphs for administrators to determine accordingly. By forecasting the demand, we can optimize the business process and carry out appropriate development, distribution and management of resources. Finally, in order to achieve balance between quality and quantity, which also means focusing on the correct conversation while using the least resources to meet customer requirements, and thus obtain greater benefits.


Improve Employee Engagement

Achieve timely feedback loops. Through the VCLog recording system to monitor the call in real time, supplemented by the SoIP multi-function client to monitor the agent’s screen operation in real time, ICCM strictly evaluates and analyzes the quality of each call, evaluates the performance of the agent, gives the agent the instant feedback they want, and with the help of the typical case library, one-click sharing of excellent practice cases to the agent, so as to help the agent’s business grow rapidly, improve the skill level of the agent, and improve the business proficiency of the agent. At the same time, IVOC conducts in-depth analysis and interpretation of customer service data, and understands agent service levels, customer satisfaction and loyalty based on actual business needs, and discovers potential customer churn risks, so as to help enterprises formulate more effective customer service strategies and measures.

Quickly identify risks with data. IVOC can accurately analyze the agent service process data, timely find the problems of customer service personnel in the service, identify potential risks, such as reduced compliance of the dialogue process, low business proficiency, low customer satisfaction, etc., and can also automatically detect whether there are violations in the call to help managers find the cause.

Encourage agents through healthy competition. Adopt the built-in game incentive mechanism. Create a scoring benchmark, set a target value and display the winning list to encourage healthy competition among agents. Reward agents with positive behaviour and promote their skill growth with an honourable reward mechanism such as badge incentive.


Making Robots Humanized

Further enhance the service experience of speech robots. In the field of contact centers, intelligent speech robots have remodelled the service mode of contact centers with the help of artificial intelligence. This has also increased the popularity and growth of speech robots in various industries. Communication and chat with voice robots have gradually been accepted by general public, causing the service experience of voice robots to be increasingly important.

ICCM is applied to the quality inspection of speech robot. It helps contact center to evaluate the service quality, analyses the service content and customer feedback of the speech robot agents. In addition, grasps the customer’s insensitivity and satisfaction towards robot service experience while helping to recognize robot’s inhumanity. This ultimately assist in revise and improve the robot customer service experience.


User-friendly Quality Management

Create a centralized command center. The required evaluation tools (VCLog, SoIP, ICCM, IVOC) are displayed in a centralized mode and can be switched seamlessly. Voice, video and screen recording files can be accessed and evaluation report can be viewed under a centralized interface. We also provide flexible design, allowing users to customize the dashboard for displaying the most important information according to their needs.

Simplified report. Recordings can be exported in batches with a few clicks, and key quality management reports can be automatically created and customized. The relevant report is used to inspect the quality management data, which is combined with workforce management and analysis data to obtain a more comprehensive view. As a result, this effectively improves agent work service quality and optimizes service process.

Automatic monitoring on system failure. Provide instant message notification, checking and handle potential errors in advance which greatly reduce system downtime.


Modernize Your Contact Center

Empower your contact center with powerful analytics. VCInsight, which integrates intelligent quality inspection ICCM and data analysis IVOC, provides customers with intelligent data analysis capabilities on the whole platform, and presents data in an intuitive and easy-to-understand manner through charts, reports, etc., to help customers analyze and optimize their business more comprehensively and deeply. ICCM can help enterprises identify problems and opportunities in the customer service process, and provide more accurate and reliable data sources for data insight IVOC. IVOC can conduct in-depth mining and analysis of the results of intelligent quality inspection, discover the internal rules and trends in the data, and provide more comprehensive and scientific support for the business decision-making of enterprises.

Enhance your customer-centric business strategy. Sharing the overall data of customer interaction experience for the whole enterprise, so that managers have sufficient data basis as a guide for service and business adjustment, starting from customer portraits, through the construction of composite analysis dimensions, combined with industry conditions and the needs of their own business, a large number of structured data are automatically clustered and analyzed, so as to fully understand the hot spots of customers in a certain period of time, and can also actively search and identify known key points through manual intervention. And these results are displayed in the form of clear visual charts, reminding enterprises to conduct in-depth exploration from products, brands, services, marketing, public opinion and other aspects, better refine customer needs, make detailed assessments and guide enterprises to take correct actions, so as to give enterprises the ability to fully understand the voice of customers, so that the organizational structure of the entire enterprise is customer-centric, and provide customers with the best service experience in every link.


Product Combination Provides Complete Solution

VCInsight is one of the intelligent customer experience management product series, it integrates intelligent quality inspection ICCM and data analysis IVOC. Products such as VCLog, VCLog BI, FAPs, SoIP, IBAE, IDHA, IMAM, MediaHUB, etc. can form a complete and flexible intelligent customer experience management solution. Each product from the combination can also be used in standalone or combined. While contact centers development is progressing, technology helps to provide customer with compliance and high-quality customer service thus assist the enterprise to enhance resilience.


  Intelligent quality inspection
Combined with speech recognition technology, the voice file is analyzed and processed by intelligent analysis and processing methods such as speech transcription, speaker separation, mute detection, speech speed detection, emotion detection and keyword extraction, so as to quickly and efficiently build a quality inspection model that is strongly related to its own business needs, and mark relevant business assessment items through the setting of label rules
    Automatic quality inspection
Perform full pre-inspection of massive recording files, including automatic quality inspection of the call content, emotion, and speech speed of agents during customer interaction. According to the scoring rules preset by the system, the agent’s call is automatically scored to achieve 100% automatic call quality inspection; Achieve full automatic identification of problems; Reduce costs and increase efficiency in your contact center
  Manual quality inspection
It can be set to push all or part of the automatic quality inspection analysis results to the quality inspectors with permissions for manual re-inspection; The system also supports automatic sampling, and pushes a certain proportion of analysis results to manual quality inspection and scoring, and improves the accuracy of the results by man-machine cooperation for the second time
    Visualized vertical playback
The words come and go are separated, and it is clear at a glance
When the voice is played, the cursor of the corresponding text is accompanied
Visualize the voice, content, and timeline of the call
It is possible to quickly locate any position during the audiometry process
  Categorization analysis
Classify the business of the massive recording usage model, and show the number of occurrences of various services in different cycles to focus on business problems, combine them with business goals and objectives, save manpower input, and improve employee skills and knowledge
    customer evaluation
Users can filter out different recordings according to the customer’s evaluation, which can be used to sort out the low evaluation of the recording, understand the customer’s dissatisfaction, and understand whether the employee’s business is qualified according to the different customers in different cycles
  Data early warning analysis
Users can know whether there is a recording to trigger the warning according to the early warning rules set in advance, so as to find out the mistakes made by employees in their work and correct them in time
    Text search
Clearly mark the call content, and display the call content of the agent and the customer differently
Search based on models, business points, model data, etc., to quickly lock in business demand information
  Association analysis
Valuable information about the company’s business problems can be analyzed for users, and with the help of correlation analysis, it is possible to obtain:
· Topics to be discussed during the interaction
· Interaction dynamics, such as silent time, fairy tale hold time, and call time
· The current trend of a topic or a trend of a topic over a period of time



A complete product series that provides the possibility for sustainable development

We focus on research, development and production of “Customer Interaction Intelligent Management” related product. After a long period of experience accumulation, a complete product series has now been formed. Providing optional solutions for customer at each different development stage for “Customer Interaction”. With the maturity of artificial intelligence technology, we will continue to combine new artificial intelligence technology to develop more intelligent products, so that “Customer Interaction Intelligent Management” can achieve sustainable development.


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