AI-Assisted Quality Inspection Solution

Convert unstructured recording data into structured text data, real-time and offline. Perform automatic quality inspection and reduce QI costs. Our AI engine supports text analysis, data mining, compliance inspection, risk warning, trend analysis, and entrepreneurial discovery.

Speech Recognition

  • Speech recognition technology converts audio file to text, distinguishes speakers, detects silence, detects speech rate, detects emotion, and extracts keywords to generate a corresponding text analysis report.
















Recording Search

  • Searches the entire audio-converted text document and highlights specified words
  • Extensive and flexible search conditions
  • Color markings: distinguishes caller and callee

Recording Playback

  • Visually displays call sound, call content, and timeline
  • Caller and callee highlighted
  • Click a keyword to target playback and increase efficiency
  • Loopable playback



Automatic Quality Inspection

Analyzes recording files and monitors speed, tone, normative terms, and use of banned words. Automatically locks in high-risk conversations in a timely manner, and conducts risk assessments before submitting for manual review.

Review Check

Comes with machine-human collaboration mode. Review analysis results with the AI engine to improve result accuracy.

Data Mining

Integrated structure data and text data mining technologies are used to analyze call content to decipher seat traffic structure in the fastest manner.

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