Teleopti WFM Workforce Management

With the sales expansion of contact centers, operation requirements have been updated gradually. The strict requirements for contact center workforce management (also known as scheduling) are increasing.

The priority of contact center personal management is to meet the requirements of customer satisfaction with minimum operating cost. Nonetheless, during the actual operation process, contact center agent’s preferences and requirements are considered. Scheduling task plays an important role in employee satisfaction which requires a delicate balancing process. Furthermore, it will directly affect the agent training cost, employee turnover and recruitment cost. In another perspective, it eventually affects the customer satisfaction and the continuous profitability of company.

To achieve a balance among these factors, contact centers are paying more and more attention to the detailed resource arrangement and the refined management of agents. A typical example is the increasing expansion and application of multi-skills agents.


WFM Meets the Increasingly Granular Management Needs of Contact Centers

With the progressive refinement of management, it has brought huge challenges to the scheduling task which is a part of management support. The traditional manual scheduling and Excel scheduling methods have become increasingly difficult to meet the requirements of refined management. With the help of scheduling management tools, complex scheduling requirements can be realized.

Teleopti WFM provides scientific scheduling forecast and a software that can cover across various industries such as contact center, retails and back office operation.


Teleopti WFM Scheduling System Module

Personnel module is used to manage the staffs and maintaining the information of contact center agents and users.

Basic shift is created in the shift module. Basic work shift can be created and maintained in this module according to rules, policies and contact center special requirements.

Forecast module predicts the call volume and accurately calculates the incoming call volume. Moreover, manage the manpower required to process the call volume in accordance with service objectives.

Scheduling module is used to arrange and optimize the schedule. In this module, the schedule creator creates and maintains the agent schedule, while monitoring and handling various changes such as holiday applications, inputs overtime and other activities.

In daily management module, the administrator can monitor the operation status of the day and manage the shift schedule.

MyTime is a web-based application primarily used to display schedules. In addition, it provides a simple and user-friendly interface for users to input their availability, personal preferences and needs.

Reporting module contains many kinds of standard reports.


VCLog BI Business Intelligence; Optimize Data Aggregation, Data Analysis and Data Visualization for Contact Centers

Empower contact center with strong analytical capability. Teleopti WFM can be integrated with VCLog BI (intelligence advanced reporting and analytic system). Through statistical analysis on the call platform’s historical data and real-time data, Teleopti WFM scheduling forecast data is combined to provide standardized report templates or customized data consultation service. Furthermore, it provides contact center WFM with more powerful data analysis capabilities and more intuitive data representation using customizable visual analysis and big-screen presentation.

Enhance customer-oriented business strategy by sharing the overall data of customer experience of the whole company. The responsible manager will then have sufficient data basis to adjust the direction of service and business. Furthermore, continuously improve the customer service experience level, the operation and management efficiency of contact center, and the success rate of sales and marketing.


Product Combination Provides Complete Solution

Teleopti WFM is one of the intelligent customer experience management product series. Products such as VCLog, VCLog BI, ICCM, IBAE, SoIP, MoIP, IMAM, etc. can form a complete and flexible intelligent customer experience management solution. Each product from the combination can also be used in standalone mode or combined. While contact centers development is progressing, technology helps to provide customer with compliance and high-quality customer service thus assist the enterprise to enhance resilience.


Open/ Standard Interface


Provide standard SDK to interact with other systems using Web Service method.



Multi-skills agent scheduling, scheduling in anytime, period scheduling and schedule release in intelligent terminal.

User-friendly Interface


Adopts Windows style interface to support general copy and paste operations
Schedule information bar: Shift and schedule information are displayed in the windows desktop, while the changes and announcements are updated in real-time.
Multi-level display of data: Support various view options such as time period, month, week, day and class. By switching between different views, it helps managers to comprehensively manage and consider all details. 



A complete product series that provides the possibility for sustainable development

We focus on research, development and production of “Customer Interaction Intelligent Management” related product. After a long period of experience accumulation, a complete product series has now been formed. Providing optional solutions for customer at each different development stage for “Customer Interaction”. With the maturity of artificial intelligence technology, we will continue to combine new artificial intelligence technology to develop more intelligent products, so that “Customer Interaction Intelligent Management” can achieve sustainable development.


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