Advanced Reporting

Omnichannel contact center. Contact center often uses various application or system, and the data from each system is isolated and incompatible with each other. VCLog BI able to help company to connect these data from different systems and solve the trouble in gathering these data. Furthermore, fully aggregate and integrate the data from different software system to understand the operation status of the whole organization in an easier and comprehensive way. Finally, equip contact centers and business with a powerful advanced reporting and analysis platform.


Comprehensive Reporting Solution Helps Contact Centers and Businesses in Solving Data Isolation

Collect and aggregate customer interaction data. Gather data with different formats including structured and unstructured data and from different sources such as ACD call platform, interactive voice response system IVR, quality inspection system ICCM, workforce management WFM, customer relationship management CRM, human resource management HR and other software systems.

Rearrange and reorganize customer interaction data flow. Collect the data flow from multiple business subsystems, integrate the systems from various software vendors and create a centralized and multi-dimensional data view.  This helps to visualize the data and fully understand the omnichannel customer interaction information while creating an actual centralized source for business intelligence.

Automated data collection. Many contact centers and businesses are still collecting customer interaction data manually. VCLog BI uses a more efficient and accurate automatic collection method which automatically completes data capture and data integration by using pre-customized data templates.


Flexible Report

Generate better report in a shorter time. VCLog BI is a data collection center where you can access, create, publish, share and manage reports and dashboards in one interface. All of this can be done with simple operations on the web interface. This shortens the time of creating reports and enables contact centers and businesses to allocate more time on promoting and improving services.

Everyone can use the reporting system. VCLog BI is a self-service and automated report generation system. Anyone can access this system through web connection. Whether it is in the middle of meeting or when reporting to superior, this intuitive reporting tool can automatically extract the key indicators of customer interactions. The data drilling feature can be used for deep mining, screen capture or pasting visual charts to form a report. This enables data explore with daily business terms.


Productivity Driven by Collected Data

Make effective decisions with better use of data. Improve data integrity and establish a centralized customer interactive data portal. Abandon the unreliable manual report that is being used, instead use more accurate data to improve the efficiency of the whole business for better decision making.

Study data in depth and visualize the complexity. Use user-friendly reporting tool, dashboard and scorecard to understand the actual situation of customer interaction. The easy-of-use and high variety of data visualizations enable anyone to clearly understand the situation through complex data. Thereby obtaining analysis and insight on customer interaction and adjust relevant management strategies accordingly. Finally, using data result to drive the improvement of production efficiency.

Make full use of real-time information. By using the insights of real-time data, it enables quick stimulate and improve employee engagement along with making immediate change on decisions. Thus, effectively monitor the operation and improve the performance of contact centers.


VCLog BI Business Intelligence, Help to Build a Modern Contact Center

Empower the contact center with strong analytical capability. VCLog BI (intelligence advanced reporting and analytic system) provides customers with high availability and customizable intelligence data analytic product. This platform carries out data mining on customer behavior with advanced analysis tools and extract predictive content to discover the value in every customer interaction and provide effective basis for marketing decision.

Enhance customer-oriented business strategy by sharing the overall data of customer experience of the whole company. The responsible manager will then have sufficient data basis to adjust the direction of service and business. Furthermore, continuously improve the customer service experience level, the operation and management efficiency of contact center, and the success rate of sales and marketing.


Product Combination Provides Complete Solution

VCLog BI is one of the intelligent customer experience management product series. Products such as VCLog, FAPs, SoIP, ICCM, IVOC, etc. can form a complete and flexible intelligent customer experience management solution. Each product from the combination can also be used in standalone mode or combined. While contact centers development is progressing, technology helps to provide customer with compliance and high-quality customer service thus assist the enterprise to enhance resilience.


VCLog BI considered the user browsing behavior on reports and adding AI intelligent caching technology and quick snapshot technology. This allows most users to get excellent experience of “instant access” under most operations.   VCLog BI brings comprehensive data visualization management to businesses in the multiple screen era. Data visualization from PC to mobile, to big screen, it can be self-adaptive without any special design, and analyze data at anytime and anywhere.
Intelligent penetration and drilling between any reports is one of the unique technologies of VCLog BI product. When an analyst finds any error with the data, it able find the related data according to own analysis without the need of reaching the report developer.   VCLog BI enables modification from all perspectives, even the indicators of the report or dashboard. After modification, it can be saved as a private or a shared solution. This well solved the conflict between the report designer and the report viewer, which usually occurs when the wanted data is not prepared in the final report. This truly realize a customizable BI application by solving this conflict.

One-click Connection Mainstream Data Sources
Excel, MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, SAP HANA, Sybase, MongoDB, InfluxDB, MyCat, etc.
  Support Cluster Deployment
Support kafka cluster, MySQL cluster and Nginx+Node.js Web cluster
Powerful Computing Power
The original internal memory OLAP can complete the analysis model simply by creating a dynamic view. All the powerful computing power of OLAP can be completed through internal memory. Support linkage, drilling, filtering, early warning, row-column conversion, and other computing capabilities. This helps to search through large volume of data more quickly and flexible while analyzing users’ insight and answering deeper questions behind the data.
  Enterprise-level Authority Control
VCLog BI provides an IT based enterprise-level management and control solution. The VCLog BI management platform can realize the centralized management and configuration of templates, users, roles and permissions, such as user creation, data source authorization, data authorization role and other features. Furthermore, by realizing group hierarchical authorization allow users to analyze freely under well-ordered management and control.
Contact Center Mainstream System Data Pre-integration
Voice Platform
IVR and ACD:

    Avaya PDS、Avaya POM、Cisco IVR、Genesys
VoiceCyber Self-developed Products:

    VCLog, intelligent quality inspection ICCM,
     manual quality inspection CPCe
  Ease-of-use, User-friendly
There is no need of data experts, binary code programming, or report designers. Report generates and multi-dimensional analysis in the form of chart and table simply by drag and drop. This ultimately reduces the analysis threshold and provides richer visual effects. At the same time, more than 100 chart objects are available in the system as well as customizing the report style according to requirements.


A complete product series that provides the possibility for sustainable development

We focus on research, development and production of “Customer Interaction Intelligent Management” related product. After a long period of experience accumulation, a complete product series has now been formed. Providing optional solutions for customer at each different development stage for “Customer Interaction”. With the maturity of artificial intelligence technology, we will continue to combine new artificial intelligence technology to develop more intelligent products, so that “Customer Interaction Intelligent Management” can achieve sustainable development.


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