ENN Energy Holding Co., Ltd.

Avaya IP Recording / 100 + Ch
ENN Energy Holding Co., Ltd. started to engage in urban pipeline gas business in 1992 and is a large-scale clean energy distributor in China. According to the requirements of ENN Energy customer service center, the conversation between customers and intelligent voice robots required to be recorded. The conversation can be used for statistical analysis from the collected data and provide a foundation for continuous optimization of subsequent self-service processes. In this project, VoiceCyber VCLog recording system integrates with the Avaya voice platform while adopting DMCC conference recording solution to monitor and record all IVR extensions. VoiceCyber provides a standard WebSDK secondary development interface and integrating with IVR process to enable recording triggered start/ stop based on IVR process node. This provides the on-demand recording of Avaya DMCC to accurately record the key interactive process of IVR that customers are most concerned about.