Yunnan Power Grid 95598 Customer Service Hotline

Cisco BIB Recording / 100 + Ch

Yunnan Power Grid Cooperation is responsible for the transmission and sales of electricity in Yunnan province and undertake the unified planning, construction, management, and dispatching of the province’s power grid. The transmission network covers the entire 16 provinces (cities) of the province and is responsible of sending electricity from west to east as well as sending electricity to Vietnam and Laos. The Yunnan Power Grid customer service hotline project uses a full set of Cisco equipment and uses centralized deployment to record branches 200 lines of IP telephony. Agent phone of each branch is registered with the call manager in the center. Agent IP phone send the voice stream of the call between the agent and the client to the recording server by using Cisco “Built-in-Bridge”. VoiceCyber VCLog system has helped Yunnan Power Grid Company to create a customer service call center recording system with its stable features, which appreciated by users.

Client Review: Our province’s customer service hotline is installed with VoiceCyber VCLog recording system with BIB mode, which operated stably for a long time and is easy to use. After-sales inspection and maintenance are in place and on time. Moreover, unexpected issues are resolved effectively in a timely manner, which is recognized by the head of various departments. This product is applicable for better power grid management and dispatching of all 16 States (cities) in our province. Our company is very satisfied with the quality of VoiceCyber BIB recording product.

Gansu Electric Power 95598 Customer Service Hotline

Alcatel Conference Recording / 100+ Ch

Gansu Provincial Electric Power Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the State Grid Corporation of China. It mainly manages and builds the Gansu power grid and is responsible for providing reliable and high-quality power guarantees for the economic development of Gansu Province and people’s livelihood. It also plays an important role in promoting the optimal allocation of power resources in the province. According to the requirement of Gansu Power’s self-built 95598 customer service system with multiple locations, distributed deployment and management are adopted. When a call is established, CTI will generate three-party conference (three parties indicates: recording system, external party, agent), and at the same time send a recording request to the recording system and start recording. During the recording process, when the CTI sends a stop recording request to the recording system (including the call completion on-hook and hang up after the call transfer), the recording system stops recording, while writing the record into the database. Recording system can eventually obtain call content and call information through the CTI, such as: caller number (require supported PABX), call time, direction, etc.

Client Review: Our company 95598 customer service hotline is installed with VoiceCyber recording system, which operates stably. After-sales service communication is timely with fast response and handling speed. VoiceCyber has contributed to the guarantee of telephone service business in Gansu power grid and received compliments from the users of our company. Our company recognizes the recording products and services of VoiceCyber Alcatel series.