ICCM- Intelligence Call Center Management contact center intelligent quality inspection is a new generation of intelligent quality inspection system released by VoiceCyber based on intelligent voice engine and full text retrieval technology.

ICCM is able to support dozens of intelligent voice engines from different vendors. ICCM adopts voice recognition technology to transcript voice files; analysis and process of speaker separation, mute detection, speech speed detection, emotion detection and keyword extraction, etc.; to generate corresponding text analysis results. Then, all data are scored and labelled according to pre-configured rules and problematic call can be forwarded to the manual quality inspector for review. ICCM also supports man-machine cooperation to recheck and verify the analysis results, thus improving the accuracy of the results for the second time.

The ICCM’s unique vertical playback design; visually displays of the voice, content and timeline of calls which makes the synchronization of voice and text more intuitive; separating the incoming and outgoing calls; are in a clear glance. The quality inspector can directly locate and playback by clicking on the keyword, thus improving the efficiency and circularly playing the specified content. ICCM changes the traditional quality inspection from only listening to “reading” sound, therefore quality inspector will no longer feel boring.

ICCM which subverts the traditional quality inspection mode can now support the new business mode of contact centers and full-media quality inspection, such as IM, Email, Video agent, etc. This will help to fully exploit the value of big data and give full play to the role of contact center.