Provide Smarter Management for Supervisor

The popularity of home agents has brought challenges to the monitoring and management for supervisor. Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, home seating has become more and more common, and the agents who used to sit in the field of vision of the squad leader are scattered in all corners of the city, and the supervisor has changed from the calm management of the past to the overwhelmed state of the blind box state. How to respond to such changes and use technology to return the supervisor to a clear and calm management state, IDHA contact center intelligent discovery system provides the possibility to achieve this goal.


The Supervisor Visually Manages the Video and Text Agents

The use of tools such as SIP-Video, Wechat, Zoom, Teams, etc. has become the new normal. These collaboration platforms increase productivity and provide new touchpoints of contact that enable agents to easily chat with partners and customers, share documents, and display files and images on screen. However, they also pose potential legal, privacy and compliance risks if not regulated properly. How to enable supervisor to effectively supervise and manage the real-time working status of these new contact agents, IDHA contact center intelligent discovery system provides the possibility to achieve this goal.


The Supervisor Used to Difficult to Listen Become Easy to Watch

The communication process and computer operation process of the text agent should be seen by the agent team leader in real time. Different from the management of voice agents, the number of channels that the supervisor can monitor in real time is very limited, and one-to-many real-time monitoring cannot be achieved. However, text agents are different, and the supervisor can see the real-time working status of the text agent with the help of intelligent technology, and the IDHA contact center intelligent discovery system provides the possibility to achieve this goal.


IDHA Helps Supervisor Identify, Intervene, and Support

One of the functions of IDHA is to enable the supervisor to discover. including:
Get a complete view of agent behavior as they interact with customers
Get a comprehensive view of agent behavior when using the information system
Prioritize the screen and image of agents on long calls based on call duration
Combine various conditions such as keywords and words to prioritize the display of the agent’s screen and image
Visualize the emotional performance of agents during the service process
Use intelligent technology to detect illegal departures of agents and prioritize the departure screen to the supervisor
Use smart technology to find that a second person breaks into the video camera and prioritizes the picture to the supervisor
Combined with the intelligent engine, real-time detection of agent violations during the service process
Combine third-party interfaces to discover successful sales and prioritize cutting the screen to the supervisor

The second function of IDHA is to enable the supervisor to intervene (Hold), including:
Use pop-ups or beacons to encourage or motivate agent success and boost morale
Use pop-up windows or light beacons to remind agents of business omissions, service quality, emotional control, etc
Timely interception and control of agent violations through computer screen locks

The third function of IDHA is to enable the supervisor to support (Advisor), including:
The supervisor timely discovers long calls or difficult matters and gives effective support to the agent
The agent actively triggers the help button to actively cut the screen to the supervisor for attention or support


On-site Scoring and Labeling by The Supervisor Can Be Passed to The Quality Inspection System

When the screen or sound is sent to the supervisors’ screen, the supervisor can make real-time annotation or real-time addition and subtraction according to the pre-setting, and these annotations and points will be brought into the VCLog recording system or ICCM intelligent quality inspection system database, which will affect the score of the call in the process of post-quality inspection. The combination of VoiceCyber’s IDHA intelligent discovery system, ICCM intelligent quality inspection system, and VCLog recording and video recording system brings more possibilities for the management optimization and efficiency improvement of the contact center, and also makes the on-site management more efficient.


IDHA Can Be Used for Offline Audio and Video File Annotation

Historical data from every interaction with a customer is a valuable asset that companies need to fully understand and use to make good use of. VoiceCyber can import all historical audio and video files into VCLog 10, annotate them in full according to the tasks set by the enterprise through IDHA, and finally push the annotation results to ICCM to help enterprises achieve a closed loop of data operations. By accumulating data to mine the real needs of users while constantly discovering problems, enterprises can better listen to customers’ voices and get close to customers’ needs, more comprehensively standardize their own compliance, terminate in a timely manner, and reduce business risks.


Product Combination Provides Complete Solution

IDHA is a member of the customer experience intelligent management product family and needs to be used with VCLog, SoIP, IBAE. IDHA can obtain the collated historical media data files through MediaHUB, annotate them, and finally push the results to ICCM to complete the full intelligent quality inspection. IDHA can also monitor, parse and analyze the computer operation behavior, video images, screen text pictures and other data captured by SoIP in real time through IBAE, so that enterprise managers can discover, intervene and support in a timely manner. The rich product portfolio forms a complete and flexible overall solution for intelligent customer experience management, allowing technology to help provide customers with compliant and high-quality customer service in the process of continuous development of contact centers, helping enterprises strengthen their resilience.



A complete product series that provides the possibility for sustainable development

We focus on research, development and production of “Customer Interaction Intelligent Management” related product. After a long period of experience accumulation, a complete product series has now been formed. Providing optional solutions for customer at each different development stage for “Customer Interaction”. With the maturity of artificial intelligence technology, we will continue to combine new artificial intelligence technology to develop more intelligent products, so that “Customer Interaction Intelligent Management” can achieve sustainable development.



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