Vipshop Holdings Co., Ltd.

Teleopti WFM Human Resource Management / 1000+ Ch
Vipshop Holdings Limited was established in August 2008, with its headquarters in Guangzhou, and its website was launched on December 8 in the same year. Vipshop’s main business is online sales of brand discounted products, including branded clothing, shoes, bags, beauty cosmetics, baby products, home accessories, etc. According to the actual requirements of Vipshop, VoiceCyber provide customization development obtains historical voice data and agent real-time status data from customer self-developed CTI to provide basic voice data for the workforce management system. The workforce management system forecacst the business volume, the manpower demand, and realizes the features required by operation management such as provision of staff, shift management, goal setting, and staff time management. Through multi-dimensional report analysis, it realizes the optimal allocation of resources and meets the requirements of refined management.

Jingdong Finance

Real-time Voice Forwarding / 100+ Ch
Jingdong Finance is an important business segment of JD Digits Group, which focuses on financial technology services. It was under the scope of JD Digits Group and operated independently since October 2013. In order to bring better service experience to customers, Jingdong Finance adopts the IBAE real-time voice data forwarding system of VoiceCyber. The system forwarded the call voice stream and associated data to the intelligent speech analytics engine in real time. This allows the assistant agent to provide online assistance for the front-end agent. This ultimately helps enterprises to realize the business requirements on intelligent applications.