Malaysia Railway

IP, Analog Mix Recording / 500+ Ch
The Mass Rapid Transit Company Sdn Bhd (MRT Corporation) is owned by a corporation established by the Ministry of Finance in 1957. The company was established in September 2011 and took over ownership of the Klang Valley Rapid Transit project from Malaysia’s Prasarana Corporation in October 2011. The project uses the Avaya voice platform and the VCLog system required to record customer service agents, emergency telephones, trackside phones, radios, and stations. The VCLog system adopts the “distributed deployment and centralized management” active-active redundant solution in two center locations and 33 stations. The recordings from 33 stations are uploaded to two center locations at the same time for centralized recording search. Each center location deploys two servers (A and B) to backup each other to ensure the integrity of the recording data.

Client Review: Our company has adopted VoiceCyber recording solution, which assisted in the management and monitoring of each railway station to efficiently handle with emergency situation. It allows us to monitor, playback and download each recording according to date, time, operator, and other information. In addition, the handling methods for some emergency recording are also used as teaching materials for railway station operators and emergency personnel. VoiceCyber has also deployed two sets of servers in the recording system to ensure that the complete recording data can be stored in encountering any technical condition. We are very satisfied with the quality of VoiceCyber products.

Orient Overseas (International) Limited

Cisco IP Recording / 500+ Ch
Orient Overseas (International) Limited is one of the world’s largest integrated international container transportation and logistics companies. Moreover, one of the iconic trademarks in Hong Kong which provides customers with comprehensive logistic and transportation services. According to the actual requirements of OOCL, VCLog adopts distributed deployment and centralized management recording solution to record, search and monitor Cisco IP phones with a total of over 600 channels in 29 branches across Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Australia covered by its service network.

Client Review: Since the system was deployed into operation in 2013, it has been operating stably and has never encountered any major issues. At the same time, VoiceCyber also provided quick response and efficient solution. Also, actively cooperates with us to optimize and upgrade the recording system.

        Shanghai Metro Line 17

Huawei IP Recording / 100+ Ch
Metro transit line 17 is an important rail transit line in Shanghai. It directly connects Zhujiajiao, Qingpu New City, Zhaoxiang Town, Zhaoxiang Commercial and Commercial District, Xujing Town, Huaxin Auxiliary Commercial Housing Base, and the State Convention and Exhibition Center, Hongqiao Hub and other important areas. The project is based on Huawei U19 series IP voice platform. The UMP system provides centralized recording and management for customer service agents, administrative office telephones and station emergency telephones. The overall architecture of the recording system is the same as Huawei platform. It is deployed in the “same-city active-active” mode: two recording servers, one database server, and one management server are deployed at each of the two active and standby location. Two recording servers are operating in active standby redundancy, operating at the same time to ensure the security and integrity of the recording.

Client Review: VoiceCyber UMP recording management is easy to operate in terms of recoding server’s management and recording extension configuration. Furthermore, the searching, playback, download and monitoring of recording files are performed in intuitive graphical user interface with simple and easy operation. The recording system interface is simple and tidy with various intuitive features, which reflects the ease of use and flexibility of the recording management system. Overall, it is a user-friendly application system.