As the contact centers are in a rapid development towards the direction of full media and intelligentization, the data volume of contact centers is increasing rapidly. In fact, there are huge business opportunities within the data volume. Therefore, a one-stop intelligent data mining and business intelligence analysis solution is needed to realize the full media data and intelligent big data of contact center.

VCLog BI contact center business intelligence released by VoiceCyber Co., Ltd. is a complete, agile and intelligent big data analysis platform for contact centers.

VCLog BI is not only a front-end report, it also includes the unique multidimensional dynamic analysis and intelligent drilling in metadata management and data center (data warehouse) to easily achieve intelligent analysis. It includes data conversion management (ETL), OLAP database design, metadata management, Web multidimensional report design, multidimensional dynamic analysis, intelligent drilling, intelligent reporting, data filling, mobile application, WeChat application and single click log-in features that focusing on contact center application, which is more inline with the full media application trend of China’s contact centers and integrated application of big data.

VCLog BI product is in a primary development with HTML5 base, and adaptive to multiple devices such as PC, tablets and mobile phones to bring users the ultimate mobile experience. Moreover, we pre-configured ETL program to integrate with the infrastructure platforms of contact centers. Therefore, users can not only flexibly edit the combination of report dimensions and fields, the edited style can also be saved as a scheme to truly realize self-service BI application.