VoiceCyber Co., Ltd. used self-developed VCLogBI business intelligence to construct a complete, agile, and intelligent contact center big data analysis BI platform for Shanghai Youth Online Public Service Center.

This project adopted the base version of VCLog BI Lite to obtain big data from the underlying data of contact platform and business platform; achieving correlated query and drilling analysis feature of data from both sides. Large screen visualization and data visualization solution such as personal customized reports of teachers are introduced at the data presentation level. Therefore, originally scattered and boring data are upgraded to graphical report presentation which supporting self-service dynamic analysis and correlation drilling. Hence, the original data value will be improved through data mining.

This project is highly recognized by Shanghai Youth Online Public Service Center after launched.

Shanghai Youth Online Public Service Center is currently serving youth online public service platform for 12355 youths. It was established on 19/6/2005 and registered as a private non-enterprise entity in October 2001. The central authority is the Shanghai Committee of the Communist Youth Group, serving a comprehensive, integrated and one-stop service platform for teenagers.