Multimedia integration has dramatically increased the business volume of the contact center. Therefore, contact center has to invest a lot in manpower and material resources to meet quality inspection requirement. However, manual quality inspection has low coverage and at the same time is limited by several factors such as quality assurance’s cognitive level, judgment, subjectivity, etc. These could lead to ignorance of large amount of recording files and hidden values or risks that have not been effectively and timely probed. Hence, companies cannot accurately grasp customer needs and seize business opportunities.

VoiceCyber Co., Ltd. (referred as VoiceCyber) recently released the new generation of contact center intelligent quality inspection product- ICCM Version 2.0. It achieves 100% full coverage of quality inspection through automated records, intelligent analysis and evaluation of each service, thus effectively shortening the feedback cycle of customer experience. This allows manager carry out customer behaviour data mining through big data analysis and continue providing customers with excellent customer service experience while making effective basis for market decisions.

VoiceCyber Intelligent Quality Inspection ICCM uses various technologies such as speech recognition technology, semantic technology, and big data processing technology for its comprehensive operation. Screenings, detections and automatic scoring of the voice, text, video and other data of the contact center are executed according to preconfigured monitoring rules for service quality and compliance risk. The potential service quality issues or compliance risks will be identified effectively. The results will then seamless integrate with quality management, decision analysis and advanced reporting tools for data refining in order to form transparent reports and curves. This achieves a macro understanding of the needs of customer group and a micro insight into the individual service experience.

Fully Embrace Cloud Era:

  • Support cloud deployment
  • Cross-Operating System: Windows; Linux
  • Cross-Browser: HTML5 architecture, no plugins required


Fully Improve System Features:

  • Fully automated intelligent quality inspection; optimized quality inspection model hits more than 80% accuracy
  • Visualized playback, visual display of voice conversation, content and timeline; click on keywords for direct locate and playback
  • Combination of intelligent automated quality inspection and manual quality inspection to conduct more comprehensive and accurate quantitative evaluation on agents
  • Provide flexible and configurable quality inspection models that similar to business scenarios; support common quick search for keyword detection, mute detection, speech rate detection and complex quality inspection scenarios


Fully Enhance Customer Experience Management:

  • Accurately analyze personalized customer behavior characteristics, explore potential customer needs and improve customer satisfaction
  • Full quality inspection on multi-source data including phone, email, instant messaging and social media interaction with customers
  • Provide various standard interfaces that can be embedded into any third-party system; supports third-party system integration and media files integration from different manufacturers
  • Provide quality inspection statistics, risk analysis, business root cause analysis, hot trend analysis, call traffic structure analysis and other customized reports to meet special business needs
  • Combining voice, video and screen recording with the results of quality scores, research results, workforce management, and voice and text analysis to achieve a smarter and more comprehensive grasp of the customer interaction quality
  • Analyze the content of bot agent service and customer feedback; understand customer insensitivity and satisfaction with bot service experience; assist bot to recognize its non-human point and further improve the service experience of the bot agent


VoiceCyber ICCM is able to integrate with a series of product combination such as VCLog, VCLog BI, IBAE, Teleopti WFM, SoIP, MoIP. This forms a complete and flexible total solution of customer service experience intelligent management to assist companies on gaining insights of market opportunities and enhance core competitiveness.

Since its establishment in 2001, VoiceCyber Co., Ltd. has been committing to the best workforce optimization (WFO) solution provider with products focusing on customer interaction intelligent management. Users include banking insurance, securities funds, government services, telecommunications, public utilities, public safety, power and energy, transportation and other industries with products including contact center recording and monitoring of voice, video and screen, intelligent quality inspection, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, etc.

The company has established subsidiaries offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Changsha with Shanghai as the headquarter. The sales and services network of VoiceCyber are spread all over the world including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Kuala Lumpur.