At the 15th Call Center Industry International Summit and Annual Awards Ceremony on September 18, 2019, VoiceCyber product consultant Mrs. Zhou Yi Song was invited to attend the theme sharing on “Best Customer Experience of Intelligent Applications ——Intelligent Quality Management System for Human-Computer Interaction”.

During the speech, Mrs. Zhou mentioned: The pain point of quality inspectors is low sample size and high cost. In which, the application of artificial intelligence can help solve this problem and realize the intelligent quality inspection function. Based on intelligent speech engine and full-text search technology, VoiceCyber has launched a new generation of intelligent quality inspection system. Unlike traditional quality inspection which only uses sampling principle, intelligent quality inspection achieves 100% full coverage of voice files, which greatly reduces the cost of manual quality inspection.

The “2019 15th Call Center Industry International Summit and Annual Awards Ceremony” was held by China Call Canter & CRM Association (CNCCA) with support from Contact Center Associations of Asia Pacific (CC APAC) and Greater China Contact Alliance (GCCA), and undertaken by Beijing Yixun Tianxia Consulting Service Co., Ltd