In the beginning of the year of the Ox, 2021, VoiceCyber Co., Ltd. (referred as VoiceCyber) released the updated version of VCLog 10 contact center voice, video, screen recording – VCLog 10.2.3. The recent released version focused on the adaption of Contact Center AI Int­elligent Bridge of Analytics Engine – IBAE. The performance has been greatly optimized, and the maximum concurrent channel supported by a single server has also been significantly enhanced.

There was a reference case of a client from financial industry which upgraded to VCLog v10.2.3. The maximum support of 400 concurrent channel of recording and 400 concurrent channel of real time voice data forwarding in a single recording support was enhanced to 1000 concurrent channels of recording and 1000 concurrent channels of real time voice data forwarding. (Above reference case used Intel(R) Xeon(R) Silver 4110 CPU@2.10GHz, 64GB RAM. Information provided is just for reference, does not constitute server specification requirement)

VoiceCyber has been focusing on developing and upgrading the core product of VCLog. From supporting various types of channel communication method to the support of voice, video, screen recording. On the basis of guaranteed product reliability and stability, single recording server supports up to 2000 channels of registered IP phones and 1000 channels of concurrent recordings. A single system is able to centralized manage up to 100 units of recording servers, in order to support up to a total amount of 200,000 channels of registered IP phones and 100,000 channels of concurrent recordings.

VoiceCyber’s contact center AI engine intelligent bridging system (IBAE, Intelligent Bridge of Analytics Engine) allows contact center to quickly integrate with different communication and intelligent engine platforms in an innovative, compatible, open and free switching. Furthermore, this helps companies to flexibly deploy artificial intelligence applications, quickly resolve technical challenges, more flexible on choose products and services and prepare two dispatching capabilities (communication dispatching capability and intelligent dispatching capability) for future business applications with constant adjustments. (Access to the link for more detail of IBAE

Artificial intelligence technology has enhanced the status of contact centers in corporate world. Transform a cost center of service hotline to the profitable center of business marketing. Business transformation has updated new requirements for contact center for AI dispatching capability, which brings huge challenges to the original technical architecture.  Factors such as various artificial intelligence platforms, cost reduction, changes of multiple scenarios and rapid growth of applications have made contact center managers to consider AI dispatching capability while using the manual configuration of communication dispatching capability. Both capabilities are equally important which will affect the contact center future development.

VoiceCyber was established in 2001, is a solution provider that focusing on customer interaction intelligent management, which included voice and video recording, screen recording, intelligent quality inspection, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, etc. Our solution users covered industries such as banking, insurance, fund management, government service, telecommunications, public utility, public security, power and energy, transportation, and other industries.

Company headquarter was established in Shanghai, subsidiary companies were established in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Changsha. Sales and services network are spread all over the world including Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Kuala Lumpur. VoiceCyber has been dedicated to providing a complete intelligent security and compliance management solution to Greater China and other Asian regions.