VoiceCyber Co., Ltd. created a high reliability and high stability full media intelligent platform project by its self-developed VCLog multimedia recording system for Sunshine Insurance Group Company.

System conducts distributed deployment and unified management in double site Beijing and Chengdu. The core switch of the Beijing General Station mirrors the voice streams to the two active and backup CM servers. The CM server then distributes the mirrored voice stream to the corresponding recording server for recording, while the recording server is 2+1 hot backup deployment mode. As for the subsite Chengdu core switch mirrors the local 300 channel voice streams to local recording main server and recording backup server. Recording main and backup server function simultaneously in double active mode.

Sunshine Insurance Group was established in July 2005. It is one of the seven major insurance groups in China, one of China’s top 500 companies and one of China’s top 100 service companies. It owns several professional subsidiaries including property insurance, life insurance, credit guarantee insurance, asset management, and so on.

After the project was launched, it was highly recognized by Sunshine Insurance Group Company Customer Service Center and received consistent praise. Next, VoiceCyber will continue focusing on product research and development, and promote more products with high reliability and high stability.