Human Resource Optimization Solution (WFO)

Since its establishment in 2001, VoiceCyber Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to providing contact centers with the best human resources optimization solutions (WFO). The company has established its branch offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Wuhan with its headquarters in Shanghai as the center, and has established sales networks all over the world including Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Kuala Lumpur.
VoiceCyber has a strong independent research and development capability. It has set up R&D centers in Shanghai, Beijing, and Chengdu. The independently developed Human Resources Optimization Solution (WFO) has been listed in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Human Resource Management.
VoiceCyber’s human resources optimization solutions provides voice recording, video recording, screen record monitoring, quality management, performance management, and human resource management, combined with artificial intelligence, including intelligent voice, voiceprint authentication, emotional analysis, etc. It is a cross-channel, cross-platform integrated call center management program to help companies save costs, improve performance assessment indicators, and improve customer service quality.


Human Resources Optimization Solution (WFO) section

Call Center Recording. Recording – VCLog recording system uses the mirroring mode or conference mode for recording. A single recording server can support 1000 user registrations and 500 lines of concurrent recordings. It is mainly used in large and medium-sized call centers. VCLog recording system has the advantages of high integration, easy installation, low power consumption and easy maintenance. At the same time, based on the “soft-only” approach, when the system is expanded, it is only necessary to increase the recording server and recording licenses, fully guarantee the smooth expansion and upgrade of the system, and maximize the protection of customer investment.

Call center recording, monitor screen – complete and consistent video recording of the screen changes, accurate recording of user operations, no missing details, video playback operation positioning, visualization of employee operating behavior, video recorded with legal effects, Provide valid evidence for commercial disputes and behavioral processes. Real-time monitoring, real-time behavior trends.

Call Center Smart QC – Real-time or offline conversion of massive unstructured recording data into structured text data, achieving 100% full coverage of voice files, significantly reducing the cost of manual quality inspections; text analysis and data mining , It can realize early warning of the risk of compliance inspection, analysis of trends, and excavation of business opportunities.

Call Center Business Intelligence – Focuses on call center business indicators; a call center full-person self-service data analysis platform that supports multi-source, multi-type data association analysis, intelligent definition of table-to-table field correlation, data visualization, production of useful reports, distribution of subscriptions, etc. .

Call Center Artificial Intelligence – Based on the mainstream artificial intelligence engine technology in the market, VCLog can provide a series of artificial intelligence application capabilities such as voice recognition and voiceprint authentication. Customers can combine the capabilities of artificial intelligence based on the above VCLog system with specific business applications. , Make the system more intelligent.

Call Center Scheduling Management – Combining Teleopti WFM Workforce Resource Management, provides scientific scheduling forecasting and scheduling software to span multiple business areas – call center, retail and back office processing.