Recently, VoiceCyber Co., Ltd. was invited by the China 21st Century Agenda Management Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, to participate in the “Smart City Construction Essential Requirement and Essential Technology Seminar” which held in China Executive Leadership Academy in Pudong, China.

During the discussion, participants focused on key issues such as top-level design, supporting technology, standard system, data sharing and security of smart city construction. In particular, the rapid development and application of the new generation information technology, the construction and management of basic data sharing systems, privacy and security risks and so on were discussed in depth. Experts and academic from various industries expressed their views, speak freely and made a lot of constructive comments and suggestions towards the construction of “smart city” from their respective research fields and work reality.

In the seminar, VoiceCyber proposed to the conference leaders to eliminate the isolated data island and discussed key issues such as whether data is open and whether interfaces are standard. Lastly, everyone agreed that smart cities should be people-oriented, different cities have characteristics, and top-level design determines the development direction of smart city.

As a professional contact center workforce optimization (WFO) solution provider, VoiceCyber has accumulated years of project experience and ample talent and technology reserves, and will constantly challenge itself, surpass itself and continue deliver more rational and mature products practically from the perspective of users.